2015 Pet Calendar Contest

Our 2015 Calendar of Superstar Pets is now available for pre-order.  The calendar will be available mid-November, just in time for the holidays!


2015 Winners2015 Cover- Marie Woerz and Bob Nunes- Stuart- adopted from SPCA in 2006 small

The 2015 cover was offered as an auction item at Wild Celebration. Congratulations to the winning bidders, Marie Woerz and Bob Nunes, and their companion Stuart, who was adopted from The SPCA in 2006! 

DEC. 2014 - Pat and Clay Peterson- Blueberry small JAN. - Thomas Jones and Family- Herbie the Love Pugsmall FEB. - Debra Naeve and Alex Cappelli- Sammy 3 small

December 2014

“Blueberry” companion of Pat and Clay Peterson.

January 2015

“Herbie the Love Pug” companion of Tomas Jones and Family.

February 2015

“Sammy,” companion of Debra Naeve and Alex Capelli

MARCH - Wendy Monaco- Minnie small APRIL - Allie and Matt Coombs- Bucko small MAY - Deborah Tucker and Carina Young- Flip small

March 2015

“Minnie,” companion of Wendy Monaco

April 2015

“Bucko,” companion of Allie and Matt Coombs ~ adopted from the SPCA in 2011

May 2015

“Flip,” companion of Deborah Tucker and Carina Young

JUNE - Roberta and Mackenzie Little- Chuckie Little small DCIM100GOPRO AUG. - Trisch Bailey- Rascal small

June 2015

“Chuckie,” companion of Roberta and Mackenzie Little ~ adopted from The SPCA in 1998

July 2015

“Sampson,” companion of Megan Duits and Ciera Cavanaugh  

August 2015

“Rascal,” companion of Trisch Bailey

SEPT. - Roshni Parikh and Gerard Vogel- Mochi small Putt Putt Portrait NOV. - Kelli Uldall, and Steve, Evan and Allyn Snider- Jade small

September 2015

“Mochi,” companion of Roshni Parikh and Gerard Vogel             ~ adopted from The SPCA in 2013

October 2015

“Pu Put,” companion of Cristina Bolling

November 2015

“Jade,” companion of Kelli Uldall, and Steve, Evan, and Allyn Snider ~ adopted from The SPCA in 2013

DEC. 2015 - Allie and Paul Judy- Sierra 3 small    

December 2015

“Sierra,” companion of Allie and Paul Judy ~ adopted from The SPCA in 2013



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