I’m Adopted!

We adopted “Missy” on June 1st, and were instantly in love with her sweet personality. Through social media and mutual friends, we actually learned that Missy’s previous owners did not care for her well, and when she got out of their yard they never even looked for her. Since we adopted “Missy” now Nala, we have seen such a change in her behavior! She is still super sweet and caring, but definitely is coming out of her shell! Since June 1st, Nala gets her daily walks, if not a trip to the beach or dog park! She sleeps through the night and has been such a great addition to our house.

I’m Adopted!

Alicia’s family adopted SPCA rescue horse Virginia.

Things are going great!  We decided to rename her Goldie.  My sister and I showed yesterday at the Santa Cruz Co. Fair 4-H Horse Show and we decided to bring Goldie along for the exposure.  The first two pictures are of my sister Audrey riding her around the warm up arena.  She was just working her through the trail course that was set up.  The third picture is of Goldie out in pasture with her new friend Paris.  They bonded so fast and are now best friends!



I’m Adopted!


Thank you SPCA for all of your wonderful work adopting out 25 adorable leghorn chickens rescued from a factory farm in Turlock. My husband and I adopted three of your hens which we named “Faith, Hope, and Charity”. We absolutely love our new girls!

Here is a picture of Hope drying off after her bath this morning:). She really seemed to enjoy the spa treatment!


They have settled in so nicely at our house and are already accepted by the flock:) My husband and I are absolutely in love with our new girls! They are incredibly gentle, sweet, and loving little sweethearts. Thank you SPCA!



I’m Adopted!


To all my friends at the SPCA for Monterey County:

I just wanted to drop you all a hello to let you know where I am these days. I was adopted from your shelter on August 2, 2012, by Peggy and Ben of Salinas. It was love at first sight for me and for my humans. I have a new name now. You may have known me as Chula, with the wild and crazy hair. My name now is Addie and I went to the beauty shop and got a new hairdo!

My masters wanted me to tell you I am a SUPER DOG. I prefer Top Dog but Super Dog will do. They say I am the best dog they ahve ever had (and even better than their pedigree dog). I am sweet, funny, fun, playful, cheerful, house trained, obedient, I don’t care about cats and I don’t even bark! And the one they like best is that I am smart. I hear I am going to go to school and become a therabp dog.

I am happy in my new home and my humans really, really like me. I go on daily walks and I get tired of everybudy telling me how cute I am. Thank you to all at the SPCA for taking care of me while I awaited by Forever Masters to adopt me.


I’m Adopted!


Lenny came to the SPCA as a stray from Seaside, where the police had to herd him into the back of patrol car so they could transport him to the SPCA.  Once there, it was obvious that Lenny was scared of everything (especially people) and had little to no human interaction.  I already had one goat (a pygmy goat named Squiggy) and had been looking to find him a buddy to pasture with.  Even though Lenny would not come near me at first, I felt that with a little TLC, he would become quite the social butterfly.

I adopted Lenny as soon as he was ready to go.  It took a few months, but eventually he started coming around.  He and Squiggy bonded immediately and loved to hang around with each other.  I think it helped having Squiggy nearby, so that Lenny could learn that people were not all bad.  After many treats and scratches, Lenny started to come up to me and even learned to walk on a leash.

Nowadays, Lenny lounges in his pasture with Squiggy and his new brother, Chewbaca the Tennessee Fainting goat.  His fear of people is almost completely gone and he comes running to the fence whenever I come over to say hello.  He is still a little skittish of those he does not know, but is slowly learning to trust (especially if that person has raisins).  I was so thankful that the SPCA took in Lenny and provided him with comfort until he could come live at his forever home!


I’m Adopted!


My adult daughter, Johnnie, and I took my 22 month old daughter, Frankie, to the SPCA to find a partner in crime for my toddler. Misty was the perfect choice for our family. Frankie re-named her Poppies  She is sweet, cuddly, and calm. Frankie reads to her, walks her, and cuddles with her daily. Poppies is smart. She’s responding well to crate and potty training.  Our baby is no longer only with an adult. She’s found her best friend she can grow with. Thank you SPCA!!!

Wendy, Jon and Frankie


I’m Adopted!


I adopted Jolie, a beautiful 3-year old catahoula leopard mix, a few months ago and we have been having so much fun together. I saw her listed on your website and drove down from the East Bay to see her, as her unique spotted coat, alert ears, and captivating eyes caught my attention. Unfortunately she was adopted just before I got there. I was disappointed, but kept my eye out and a few weeks later saw that she was back at the shelter. I jumped at the opportunity and came down as soon as I could. She was very sweet and friendly when I met her, and warmed up to our home quickly.

Tiffany and I are very active people, we spend a lot of time

outdoors, and Jolie loves to come with us wherever we go. She especially loves the snow! She can spend hours prancing around in it.  We have a great time together whether she’s running up the trail or relaxing at the base of a climbing route. She is a very unique dog, and does things I have never seen other dogs do, like climb trees


and hop like a deer. She is so entertaining and energetic, we take her running twice a day but she still wants to play. We have enrolled in obedience courses, though she has had some prior training, I know she will be a quick learner because of how focused she is. Eventually we would like to do some agility classes as well to hone her athleticism.

Jolie is a happy dog and loves to get pats on the head from anyone and everyone. People are always commenting on how unique she looks and how she is such a sweet dog. We agree, she is awesome and we love having fun together. Thanks!

-Maxx and Tiffany


I’m Adopted!


On 04.22.12, I adopted “MAX”. I just wanted to make contact to give you an update. Since bringing MAX home, He has been an excellent addition. He gets along great with my other GSD  “Jetta”. We walk 10 – 12 miles a week, visit the dog park, and he has been to the beach a couple of times, actually got him in the water the second time. He has made a lot of new friends…… especially the kids that live around us.

I also wanted to thank the staff. They made this experience of adopting a pleasant one. I was a little concerned at first. But now…… it’s the only route I’ll take. And encourage my friends to do the same if they are interested in getting a great pet and giving them a second chance at being loved and happy.


Thanks again,

I’m Adopted!

I just wanted to write to express my gratitude for your facilitating my adoption of

Oliver.  We adopted him from your facilities about a year ago, when he was 6 months old, and he has quickly become such an integral part of our family.


We are so thrilled to have him, and as someone who has owned dogs my whole life (of a variety of breeds), I can honestly say that he is one of the friendlist, most well-adjusted family dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning.  He is best friends with my 8-year-old son, gets along with my cat, and accompanies us on all of our camping and beach adventures.  Thank you so much for the wonderful care you took of him while he was in your

facilities, and for helping us to make him a part of our families!  We honestly cannot imagine what life would be like without him.


I know you have a lot of wonderful dedicated staff and volunteers who work there, and I’m not sure if any of you will remember Oliver specifically (I know you have so many animals who come into your care), but just in case I thought I’d include some pictures.

Thanks again and best wishes,




I’m Adopted!

Thanks again for these wonderful critters! We love them!



I’m Adopted!


Chewy the boxer and Shorty the basset hound are THE best dogs in the world!! We adore them.  They are affectionate and personable and utterly lovable. We can’t imagine anyone giving them up, we sure never will!  They are beyond amazing!  Neither one barks at other dogs , even in response to the barking of others.  Neither one is at all interested in chasing cats.  Occasionally a cat will stroll by on top of one of the 6ft. fences and they just look at it and continue playing!  They are friendly and courteous to other people. No jumping up or excessive demands for attention –just polite interest.

How could we have been so lucky in getting  such amazing dogs!  Well,  we both prayed about them before we left Canada , if that means anything to you.  I’ve had a pack of five dogs in the past ranging from 95 to 3 pounds but these two are the best behaved yet.  They also make a great foot warmer or blanket if you’re chilly and are very helpful in keeping the kitchen floor tidy!.  All in all we feel like we won the lottery!  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt both of them, we are so grateful.

With heartfelt thanks,
Cambrea and Ray


I’m Adopted!

adopted-108We adopted Kona @ 3 years old, a bully breed pit bull female, from Monterey SPCA on July, 2011. We kept her name because she was already familiar with it. She was a quiet dog when we found her which tipped us off that she had a great temperament if we brought her home. At the time she was supposed to be an only dog, however, I got engaged and my significant other already had pure bred blue nose pitbull. They easily got along. They now can’t live with each other and treat each other as though they got married. SPCA had trained her so well and kept her health it great condition, it was not difficult adopting a dog from them to keep up with it. She is getting daily runs and walks around the park. She never has to be alone again. She is the most loving and peaceful dog there is. They both play with each other when they get bored, and just hang around the house as though they own it. Kona was already potty trained. We were skeptical to adopt a pitbull from SPCA, but it probably has to be the best decision ever made.

I’m Adopted!


My wife and I adopted 3 rabbits from you a few weeks ago: Cabernet, Luciano and Kennedy (now renamed Martin).

We just wanted to let you know that they are doing very well. They are healthy and enjoy their new digs that we built them, their own little Taj Mahal.

Best Regards,
Yorick and Mary-Anne

I’m Adopted!


She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. We are in doggie training at PetSmart and she is the official “demo” dog because she tries so hard and learns so quickly. She’s already gone on 3 motor home trips and won everyone over where we camp. Everyone knows her. I just took her up to Sacramento to meet my son and his family, and she never made a peep. 3 hours one way, 4.5 hours sitting under our outside table at lunch, then 3 hours home in the same day. Last weekend I had a bash for my granddaughter Chloe’s 2 year birthday. She is 110% trustworthy with little children. Chloe and Maddie fell in love and wouldn’t leave each other’s sides. We are in a great routine at home now and the cats are getting their territory back and she’s stopped chasing them because she now knows how to “leave it!”. She goes on a 1.5 mile walk every morning (still dependent on the gentle leader but doing great) where she touches noses with our neighbors various farm animals – her energy is contagious and animals and humans alike adore her. Our miniature donkeys think she’s just wonderful too.

SO, thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and for providing me/our family with an incredible new family member. I know you see so many sad situations for animals and wanted to be sure you know that Maddie has LANDED in our home and in our hearts. She’s in good hands and so are we.


I’m Adopted!

adopted-105Pooca, is a wonderfou dog! We are totally in love with him. Him and our other Yorkshire are getting along nicely. Pooca has a personality that come out when he got home and he has been a Joy! Pooca aka Jake likes to move blankets around he moves the blanket in his bed to the middle of the room. He pulls the X-Mas Tree skirt away from the tree and moves the rug that his food is on when the food bowl is empty. Jake loves to held and cuddled. He also is enjoying his morning walks. Pooca has added to our life. He is well and doing great!

Thanks, Mary Martin

I’m Adopted!


Hi there. Do you guys remember me? You called me “Pee Tee” and I think I was in cage 29. I was real scared of everyone, and that sure didn’t get me a home too soon. One “$20 Sale Day” I found some people who really took to me, even though I didn’t want to have anything to do with them at first. My new mother cuddled me and that was it: true love. They decided to give me a new name, they figured I was part chihuahua, some rabbit and some coyote. Wile-E (coyote) was the final choice, and I live up to it: can’t be still, run and hop, search for anything that I shouldn’t have, etc. I have a big Whippet brother and he likes me too. I’m getting to like strangers a little bit more, but don’t trust many of them, my mom and dad protect me though. Just wanted to thank you all for finding me a fun home (got me two new red winter coats -yippe ), maybe I will come visit you sometime.

Love Wile-E

I’m Adopted!

For those kind people who took care of me during my stay at the Monterey SPCA in July of 2010, Thank you very much for your dedication and for helping me find a wonderful home. You may not recognize me now with my hair grown out but I’m still the same Mal-Shi!

The day I found my beloved family is permanently ebbed into my memory. It was my first dayadopted-103 on display in the adoption center when two young girls wandered up to my door. They stared at me in surprise and quickly asked to take me out to get to know me better. They walked me around the parking lot and, while I enjoyed the exercise I was feeling a little awkward with my hair so short. One petted me and told me how pretty I was while the other was talking to someone on the telephone, teenagers and their cell phones!

“Her name is Vada, she’s a five year old Maltese Shi-tzu. She’s the right age, breed and her name is the same as your grandmothers!  If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is,” she said to the person on the other line. The two girls sat with me and we got to know each other but I couldn’t help but feel they weren’t for me. They sat with me for four hours until a group of women pulled into the parking lot. An auburn brunette, a blonde, and a silver fox walked toward the main entrance.  That’s when the older girl picked me up and walked me other to the trio, handing my the dusty haired vixen women. I felt at home in her arms and never wanted to leave their warmth but still felt something missing that I couldn’t place my paw on.

“Lalonnie it’s a sign, you can’t deny it” said the blonde. “Well I don’t know how she’ll act with Bobby, if they get along I’ll get her,” said Lalonnie as she rocked me slowly. The next day I was introduced to Lalonnie’s husband Bobby and I finally knew what was missing. I jumped in his lap and felt at home. This surprised the staff because it clearly stated that I didn’t like men in my paperwork. “Well do you want her or not.” Bobby laughed with a smile, and that was that.

Since then I have been enjoying my life with my new Mommy and Daddy. Every morning I sit in my daddy’s lap and cuddle while Mommy prepares breakfast. In the afternoon I go for a nice long walk or enjoy a play date with my best friend Karma, a miniature pincher. I am brushed daily, only to get my hair frizzy again by rolling on the carpet, this makes my parents laugh. I am fed well and don’t have a worry in the world. I still see those two girls who found me, turns out they are Lalonnie’s Granddaughters and I always make a big fuss when they come over. I sit in the middle of them and have them both pet me, the only way I know how to thank them. My name has been changed to Jazzi but I am also known as ‘Princess Jasmine’.

Many times you hear how families are enriched by the addition of a pet and I completely agree but don’t forget what a huge difference you can make for an animal that simply wants to love and be loved.

I’m Adopted!

We adopted 10 year old Fiona (aka Little Mama) last February 2011 from the Monadopted-102terey County SPCA.  At the time we had another smaller dog and wanted to find a new friend for her.  At first they were not sure of each other but now they are “soul mates”!  We were told upon Fiona’s adoption that she was not potty trained.  As soon as we got home we put her on a new schedule and two weeks later she was accident free.  Fiona was put on a new health plan with plenty of walks, a healthy diet, and a badly needed teeth cleaning (she had many teeth missing, a few that needed pulling, and now has 21 of 42 teeth left)!  Fiona has a new lease on life but loves to spend the majority of her days sleeping (and snoring)!

We are thrilled to have her in our lives and she loves her new home! Thank you so much!

Jamie and Abe


I’m Adopted!

Mickey is so spoiled! He takes up all the room in the bed when he’s asleep. He also snores very loud. I am so happy I adopted him from the SPCA. Everyone that sees Mickey always likes his little spot on his head and his fur color. He is such a great dog. Mickey is the best dog I could ever ask for!

– Jeaniffer

I’m Adopted!


Adopted Bubba about 3 years ago from the Monterey County SPCA. I have gone through campaigns, different rental houses, boyfriends (yes plural), fights with parents, weeks without talking to friends, some of the best times of my life and some of the worst, and Bubba has been my constant. I could have not asked for a better friend to stick by me. He has been my longest relationship to date.

– Morgan

I’m Adopted!


We adopted Fluffy last year from the SPCA in San Mateo and then in August of this year we adopted Cooper from the SPCA for Monterey County. As you can see they are great companions (in a controlled environment) and we couldn’t be more lucky to have a dog that is just so wonderful in every single way. He immediately became a part of our family from the moment we met him! Monterey SPCA is the BEST!

– Francisca

I’m Adopted!


We adopted Rupert (formally known as Sparky) in May. Your staff told us his previous owners had given him up for adoption because he would go poitty all over the house. We got him on a schedule and are proud to announce that our baby is potty trained! He is a happy little doggy, always wagging his tail and loves to destroy his toys. 🙂 He gets along well with dogs at the dog park, and even has a little girlfriend…oh la la 🙂 Thanks SPCA. We are so happy with our dog and love to keep you updated. Your staff did an amazing job with our adoption. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to let us adopt another one. wink wink.

– Lucy


I’m Adopted!


I met Hank when trainer Kristi Whalen was working with him. At 20, she said he’d be hard to adopt, despite his charming and gentle personality. I also knew what happened to him in San Ardo. His past and his age struck a heart-cord with me; I identified with being overlooked, struggling with past illness, and wanting a new start.

The day I met Hank, I stroked his large neck and he turned to look at me with his soft, kind, dark brown eyes. I reached up and rubbed the bridge of his nose softly and his eyes closed slightly as he grew more comfortable. He took a step forward toward me and lowered his head. My heart melted, despite his shaggy coat, and short, straggly mane and tail. I spent the first couple of weeks grooming him, feeding him, and most of all, loving him. I often remark it was equal parts grain and lovin’ that brought his coat back to shiny, and his mane and tail back to glossy.

I’m taking lessons on Hank with my amazing trainer Kristi, whom I met Hank through, and I also take him on trail. He’s a fabulous horse, with a beautiful, smooth walk, trot and canter. Most people that see Hank are convinced he was once a Show Horse because of his elegance and his royal demeanor. I am truly grateful he came into my life. I may have given him a second chance at life, but it is Hank that has blessed me, and has given me a chance to give love and increase my skills as a horsewoman.


I’m Adopted!


Hi! This is Sonja.  I adopted Otto on September 21st.  I just wanted to send you an update on how he’s doing and send a couple of photos.

I’ve renamed him “Bruno.”  I just love that name, and I think it fits him so well.  I figured he has a new life, so let’s start it with a new name as well.  It only took him a few hours to adapt to his new name.

Anyway, Bruno is doing great!  He is totally settled in to his new home.  He’s such a happy boy!  He wasn’t potty trained, so we’re working on that.  He’s getting better and better every day.  He’s over his kennel cough and has gained 1.5 lbs.  He still has another pound or two to gain.  I took him to the vet for a checkup, and the vet said he’s perfect!

I don’t think he had any prior experience with cats because he’s absolutely fascinated with my cat.  She’s not so fascinated with him, but she’s finally warming up to him.   He gets along great with my other dachshund, Bella.  They snuggle and romp together.  Bruno sleeps in the big bed with us now, which he loves.  He has settled down a lot and is now calm and relaxed.  He has a healthy appetite, and he loves to play with toys.  He walks great on the leash and pees like a girl, which I L-O-V-E!    Hehehehehe!  Also, he travels really well in the car.

Over all, he’s an absolute sweetheart!  He has severe separation anxiety, but we’re working on that.  He won’t let me out of his sight.  He gets panicked when I leave.  Considering what he went through, I can understand completely.  So we’re working on that.  I will be taking him and Bella to training soon.

I’ve attached a couple of photos of:  Bruno on the ride home from the adoption, hanging out and snuggling with Bella.  Thank you for taking care of him and all of the other wonderful animals that you take care of.  He’s a joy, and we’re so happy to have him in our family now.


Sonja, Bella and Precious

I’m Adopted!


I adopted Shorty about a month ago and I wanted to send you guys an update. He and I moved down to Santa Barbara where I am now attending graduate school, and he’s doing very well. He’s great on a leash, very attentive and eager to please, and very happy. We go for runs together every morning and walks every afternoon, and once a week we go for a 6-mile hike to the beach.

He started off a bit wary of other dogs, but with practice and consistency, he has become very sociable. There is another girl in my cohort with extensive experience in dog training and rehabilitation, and he is becoming fast friends with her 9-month old pit bull, Auggie.

I’ve attached some pictures of him so you can see how he’s doing. He’s a wonderful dog, and I am very happy to come home to him every day. 🙂


Mary Jane Davis

I’m Adopted!


Thank you so much for the newest member of the Rose Household… Tzuhsi (formerly Miley, Cage 64)!   Tzuhsi (pronounced – tsooshe) had her first excursion to PetSmart yesterday afternoon where she was outfitted with everything she’d need for her first evening, her first bath and a good nights sleep.

Tzuhsi did beautifully last evening sleeping in her new crate located in the Music Room of our home.  She’s home with her Daddy now, sleeping at his feet while he works from his home office.

We are over the moon at the addition of Tzuhsi to our family!

Thank you, again!
Dennis & Linda-Ann Rose

I’m Adopted!


My parents-in-law were looking to adopt a new cat so while vacationing in Monterey they stopped by the SPCA.  They ended up adopting a cute little guy named Gus and happened to notice that the SPCA also had horses.  They called and suggested I check out the website because they knew I was looking for a horse.  When I did I was impressed with the horses and particularly taken by the adoptable Morgans, which is my favorite breed.  We ended up adopting Daisy, an 11 year old Morgan who is 15.2 hands high – perfect for my tall husband and my two little kids.  We renamed her Juno, after the Roman Goddess, because of her beauty and intelligence.  After just a couple days Juno settled into her new home, Pencil Belly Ranch in Novato, Ca.  Currently we are doing groundwork together and really connecting.  She is a wonderful horse and we feel lucky to have her as an addition to our family.

– Michelle

I’m Adopted!

Indy formally India. She has a great new home, lots of room to run and a buddy goat named Jojo. She is very happy horse. Thanks Stephanie and Larry for our new family member.

I’m Adopted!


We fell in love with Peafowl and saw P.J. the peacock available for adoption.  We brought him home to our property. P.J. spends most of his time on either our barn or on top of our house.  We just love when he calls out to traffic to slow down when they go by the house too fast and he loves the blueberries we give him for snacks.  We saw that Rosie, the Peahen, was available for adoption and decided that P.J. needed a friend, since males are territorial we felt a female would make a better friend for him then another male.  P. J. has been so happy to have Rosie to share his home with him.  P.J., which stands for Pea Jr., and Rosie also spend time in our neighbors yard getting snacks and the neighbors love them.  It is so much fun to share P.J. and Rosie with our neighbors and we all love when P.J. and Rosie call to each other.

– Kim

I’m Adopted!


In April of 2011, my husband and I viewed the San Ardo horses that were openly grazing on the SPCA property. After exiting the SPCA truck into the open acreage behind the SPCA, I was immediately approached and met by Patch. Patch was extremely friendly, and snuggled his head right up under my arm. My husband and I were so taken back by Patch’s kindness, and willingness to still trust a human after all he had been through. My husband and I subsequently decided to adopt PatchSeveral other horses from the San Ardo herd have been adopted, and there are still some available for adoption at the Monterey County SPCA. If we had the means to do so, we would definitely adopt another horse from this herd. Their temperament is amazing, and our horse in particular is excellent around children.

– Jennifer & Roan

I’m Adopted!


Just wanted to thank your staff for the amazing job you do. We came in there on Saturday, having no idea you were in the midst of a “sale”. Though it was I’m sure complete chaos for you, the staff handled it very well~
We wandered back and looked at the dogs and were set to leave when we met Becky, one of the trainers I think.
We told her that we weren’t going to rush into getting a dog we wanted to make sure it was a perfect fit. She asked what we were looking for and then brought out “King”
He was adorable and we instantly thought he was a possibility. We went home and thought about it. Came back the next day for our doggy intro session with our 11 year old Chihuahua mix. The dogs got along well enough and the staff cleared us to adopt King if we chose to……….

I just wanted to report that King (Whom we re-named Scout) is doing fabulous! He only had one accident in the house and has since gone out side. He and our chihuahua get along great! Scout and our 6 year old son are the best of friends already.

I wanted to send you a couple pictures I took today

Thanks for our new family member!

– The Krejchas


I’m Adopted!

Best thing I did is adopted this little guy!!!
I got him in April of 2000 at Monterey spca.
Thank you so much.


– J.




I’m Adopted!

adopted-87Attached is a photo of Bella and Zoey; formerly Derby and Dolly on the way home after Zoey’s adoption on Saturday afternoon! J Bella was a little shocked that Zoey was riding in ‘her’ car initially. The long ride home and the rest of the weekend with the girls went great and they seem to be getting along very well so far! Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and found they had swapped beds. Zoey was in Bella’s and Bella in Zoey’s. It was really cute. We took both girls out on the boat yesterday and Zoey really enjoyed her 1st boat ride. She even went for a little swim in the harbor. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of them yesterday in their lifejackets but they were adorable. I will take some more photos this week and email them off to you but I wanted to thank you all for coordinating another successful adoption.


I’m Adopted!

To the great group at the SPCA,adopted-1

We adopted Koa in August of 2007. He was 6 months old. I believe his name was Kujo when he arrived at the SPCA (not fitting at all)!

We had lost our dog of 10 years to Cancer in July of that year, and just couldn’t handle the emptiness without her. So we headed to the SPCA one morning and by that afternoon we had an addition to our family. Koa has become quite a special dog.

We did some obedience training when he first arrived. We discovered that he LOVES kids and dogs, but was a little shy around certain adults. With some work he has become a very social guy, and loves to give everyone big licks to greet them when they arrive.

Koa is a very active guy and loves to go for runs with us in Nisene Marks State Park. My husband is a contractor and Koa goes to work with him whenever he can be on the job site. He loves to help all the guys do there jobs, whether they are digging a hole or moving pieces of lumber. He’s always there to help out!

We love Koa so much. He has brought us so much happiness, and along the way a few good laughs as well as a few frustrations.

We just want to thank all of you for the work you do, and taking care of Koa until he found his permanent home.

I’m Adopted!


We were blessed to open our door to a Hurricane Katrina orphan (he was known to you as “Animal” but renamed Leroy Brown when he came into our family approximately three years ago) – you probably have records of the date of the adoption.

We first had the honor of fostering him for two months and then, not being able to locate and return him to his family, we were given the chance to adopt him. We had very mixed emotions about that – on the one hand we so wanted him to be reunited with his Alabama(?) family but, on the other hand, we loved him so much that we would have found it difficult to let him go. He’s walked with us on two Wag n’ Walks and then moved with us to Tennessee in August 2008.

It’s been a great experience for us and his two brothers, also rescued and made a part of our family.


I’m Adopted!

I wanted to send a picture of Hunter who came home with me from Kitty Wonderland on December 29. I love him so much and thank you guys for taking such good care of him while he was there.

I’m Adopted!

adopted-4We went to the SPCA looking for a small mouse as a pet for my son (9). He wanted a pet of his own. We went to the small and furry room. The wonderful young lady working in there answered all our questions. She made us rethink the mouse. We had already tried the Hamster thing and that didn’t go well. She introduced us to her favorite in the shelter at that time. Meet Eli! First thing he did was snuggle right into my neck. Love at first sight…but this wasn’t for me. Once my son got a hold on Eli…he wouldn’t give him up. The decision was made. Eli now has his forever home. He is the proud home owner of his original cage (which was given to us at the SPCA) and his 3 story condo that he resides in during the day. He is spoiled rotten with veggies and snacks and lots of rat kisses.

Thanks again SPCA for another great family companion. And thank you to the wonderful lady in the room that introduced us to him. She is a fantastic addition to the staff. Just wish I could remember her name.
The Gorman Family!
P.S. Reena (our adopted dog) doesn’t seem to mind him either. She loves watching and chasing him while he uses his big exercise ball on the floor.

I’m Adopted!


Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Jeeves (changed from ‘Mater’)! Here are some pics – him being babied by his mom after a bath and playing with his new best friend Shi Shi! He is about to graduate from his first puppy-training class and is just an angel around the house. We just thank our lucky stars we have him in our lives.

Just wanted to thank you for having such an easy adoption process and for all the good work you do!

-Leo and Ginger (and Jeeves)

I’m Adopted!


We adopted Cupcake (now renamed Eris) on Halloween. She took a bit to warm up once we got her home mainly sitting in one spot on the couch and crying. After a few hours of us all just sitting on the couch together she cuddled up around my husbands foot right and next to our other dog Yuki. She has quickly won over our hearts and is already a wonderful addition! We will be sure to update more!!! Thank you for our wonderful addition.

I’m Adopted!



My husband and I adopted Lilly about a month ago. As you can see, she has settled in nicely!

Thanks and best regards,

I’m Adopted!

adopted-8Hello There!

I just wanted to update you on Logan (aka- Mickey) the dog we adopted from you back in Dec. He is a great dog, the best dog we could ask for. We have been so blessed with him in our lives. He goes on walks and carries his stuffed giraffe around daily. We look forward to coming home to him and he is so playful now. He enjoys going to the snow (he experienced for the first time a couple of weeks ago) but his heart always melts (as do ours) when he goes to the ocean.

He has won over every person we have introduced him to. People who were strictly anti-pets in the home have become the ones that demand Logan come in with us. He lays next to us when we are at someone’s house he isn’t aware of and quickly starts to socialize with the other dogs or the people.

He is one of a kind and such a wonderful dog! We thank you so much for letting Logan (aka- Mickey) be a part of our family and please see the enclosed photos of our new lives together!

We traveled far and wide looking for the perfect four-legged child. After many failed attempts all over California- we wondered into Monterey SPCA. He was the first one my boyfriend saw and we were blown away by his manners and his “down to earth” attitude. It has almost been a year since we adopted Mickey who is now known as Logan. Everywhere we go he is the topic of conversation whether he is at park or at a friend’s house he has always shown the best attitude. It was tough at first- he constantly was worried we were going to leave him and would follow us practically everywhere. Logan astonishes us daily with the little things he does and his personality just beams! Our happiness wouldn’t and couldn’t be possible without your love and care for these animals! We hope one day when we have a house of our own to adopt one more dog and we will definitely be coming to Monterey SPCA to do that.

Thanks again for bringing us so much joy! You truly are gems and we owe all our wonderful times with Logan to you!

Thank You,
Brittani and Greg

I’m Adopted!

adopted-9Here are a bunch of pictures of Barney – we just love him so much! And we’re glad to have him home. We started doggie classes this weekend so that we can be good parents to him.

He had his first visit to the vet and did GREAT! Lots of barking in the waiting room – but so good with the vet and the techs. They ran all the parasite tests, etc and he’s as healthy as can be.
Barney’s getting at least 2 walks a day, and there are a TON of other dogs in the neighborhood who he just loves running around with in the park.

Please let the kids at the youth center know how happy Barney is, and how happy we are to have him.

I’m Adopted!


Well, here he is in his new digs! His name is Simba. My daughter Brooke looked at several shelters and then the SPCA. She called me at work and said I HAD to come see this kitty and that he was “the one”. Definitely love at first sight. She wouldn’t put him down in fear that someone else would adopt him before I could make the 15 minute drive.

He has been an absolute delight since we got him 2 months ago. He has brought so much joy to our family. Even Pismo, the family dog has grown attached and loves to play “find the kitty” when Simba hides. Lucky us to have found such a joyful pet. Thanks for all you do at the SPCA!

I’m Adopted!

adopted-11I just stumbled upon your successful adoptions page and wanted to share our story. We adopted Max on October 9, 1999. His card said that he was a 1 and ½ so we figured his “birthday” would be in six months from that date which turned out to be April 9- which is my birthday! Every year since, Max and I enjoy turning a year older together.

He was very skittish and afraid when he first came to live with us, but we tempted him with kitty treats, toys and love and he eventually came around. Now as soon as we start petting him, his great purr fills the room and he likes to “head-butt” us as a sign of affection. He is very vocal also and makes his point with trilling meows and chatters. He especially loves to sleep with his humans, and he’ll accept any pillow offered to him. He has enjoyed receiving Easter basket, gifts under the Christmas tree and two sister kitties that we added to our home. He was even included in the SPCA pet calendar one year! We are proud of our calendar boy.

It will be ten years this October that we’ve had Max as part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

I’m Adopted!

adopted-12Hello from Cookie.

My new name is Sydney.I have adjusted very well to my new home.I had a little cold but now i am feeling better. Everyone here loves me and likes to plays with me. My owner is teaching good behaviors: sit, come, stay and drop. Oh! I just learned how to sit. I am so happy. I like to sit on my owners lap and relaxes. I am very happy here. Thank you for my new family.

I’m Adopted!

Hello Monterey SPCA!

My name is Luka Schurr. I was adopted in August 2000, when I was about six months old. I am now almost 9 and a half and I have had the most amazing life. My family is military and I have spent most of my life in Germany. I have traveled to more countries than most people. My favorite trip was lat year when we went hiking in the Austrian Alps.

I am writing this letter to thank you for taking care of me and keeping me safe until my family found me. You do very good work!

Luka Schurr

I’m Adopted!


Dear SPCA,

How can we ever thank you enough for giving us our beloved “Sammie” (yes, he kept the name). Right from day one he has blended into our lives with not one problem. Completely housebroken and tolerant of our two little dogs, he seems completely at home. I don’t think in my 40-odd years of dog owning I’ve ever had such a wonderful animal. We can hardly believe our good fortune. Thank you!


I’m Adopted!

adopted-14Hi Everybody at SPCA Monterey!

This is just a short note to let you know “Brett”, who now responds very favorably to his new name “Henry”, is very happy in his new home. He has adjusted very well and is very happy with his new bed and many stuffed squeaky toys. The attached picture is of Henry and one of his Mothers. This mother is Amy, our daughter, who first saw Brett (Henry) at next to the Monterey Whole Foods where she was a visiting manager. Amy fell is love the Henry right off, but knew it would be unfair to Henry because of her job and apartment situation for here to try and adopt him. So she called Mom (Henry’s other Mother) and Dad, who have plenty of room and time for Henry.

Our adult three children who normally visit once a month have come to visit both weekends since Henry has “moved” in and he loves it. He whimpers briefly when each leaves and is excited when they return the next weekend. (Just like us.)

Henry is very well adjusted to his new home and backyard and is eager to explorer the neighborhood and surrounding hills on his walks. He is the preverbal ‘lapdog”. Though I think it was initially comforting for Henry to be in someone’s lap, I think Henry is always going to be a lapdog. He is very loving and appears to be very attached to his new family.

Henry (Brett) was registered in our town two days after he arrived and is going for his first Vet check up this coming Thursday. He has made several trips down to the local Petco for supplies, toys and just to look around.

I just wanted to share this with you and to let you know Brett (Henry) is just fine and has fit right in with his new family.

Thanks for helping put Brett (Henry) together with us. He is a real joy and another success story for the Monterey SPCA.

Best regards,
Mike and Vivian
Antioch CA


I’m Adopted!

adopted-16In September 2004, I adopted Bridgette (then called “Dallas”), a wonderful pit bull/pointer mix. She has turned out to be one of the most special dogs I have ever met. I often think about how lucky I am to have found such an incredible companion.

Bridgette is a real clown. She “talks” to you with little squeals and grunts when she wants to go on a walk or when she wants attention. She’s spunky and never fails to

make me laugh with her enthusiasm for the little things. And she is a very loving, gentle dog. She is good with children and other animals, and she loves nothing more than snuggling into your lap. She also likes to comfort anybody who is feeling upset by looking at them soulfully and giving them a kiss. On top of this, she is very 


smart and learns instructions quickly. My family and friends all adore her and love to comment on her “pants” (solid black behind and legs).

She has brought so much joy to my life. I hope that my story might inspire others to adopt a pit bull mix or just a regular mutt from the SPCA.


I’m Adopted!

A few days before Christmas 2008 we adopted Smokey, a silver Bluenose Pit Bull puppy!! He makes the 3rd dog & the 2nd Pit Bull puppy that we have adopted from the SPCA in the past 6 years. He’s a got a spunky little personality that loves to take snuggley naps on the couch. He loves to play with his big brother & big sister


whenever he can. He is so smart & is already showing how trainable he really is. My girls have impressed us by volunteering their time to assist in any duties need to get Smokey off to a good start in life.

I can’t express how amazing it feels to have yet another precious life. Each time has resulted in an wonderful chapter in the life of our family. This time will be no different, I’m sure of it. The love this little guy has already brought into our family is unmatchable. We look forward to all the amazing years ahead of us.

The most heartwarming thing to come out of our experiences is my oldest daughter is currently going through the motions to become a volunteer in your facility & one day hopes to become a Veterinarian. We are proud to know that with the help of this great place we have instilled remarkable believes in our children.

Thank you Monterey County SPCA for providing such a life changing opportunity to not only our family, but so many families.

I’m Adopted!

adopted-18I adopted Rosco (a.k.a. Oso) in May 2007. He is such a great little dog. He loves going to the beach, playing fetch with his toys, running, showing off his new tricks, chewing up my shoes, and playing with other dogs. Originally I wanted a dog that would make me feel safe and protected, but when I saw Rosco at the SPCA I couldn’t resist. In fact, he has turned into a great little watch dog; barking when people come to the door and even pretending to be tuff when big dogs want to play with him. Everyone always comments about what an adorable and energetic dog he is. Rosco is the best dog I could have ever asked for. Thank you so much for finding him a home and giving me a best buddy!

I’m Adopted!


We adopted Abby in January of 2007. What a sweet girl she has turned out to be. She didn’t know how to play when we brought her home, but now she has her favorite toys, especially the squeeky ones! She runs like a jack-rabbit and loves to play with our grandchildren. We were told when we adopted her that she “hates cats”, but she has come to love our cat and wants to play with him. She has recently taken over the cat bed as her own and prefers it to her bed which is bigger and a better fit. Abby has been a wonderful addition to our family and we hope to adopt a brother for her very soon. I’m also including a photo of Yagi, our cat, who we adopted last year from the Monterey County SPCA as well.

I’m Adopted!


Hello nice folks at the SPCA,

Saturday Dave came to adopt Cookies and oh is he oh lucky with her! They are just great for each other and she loves her new home and she made lot’s of new human friends as well as dogs. She is a wild girl, has lot’s of energy and no problem keeping up on the daily 3 miles walk with me and my dogs. Today on her second walk she did what a good German Shepherd would do, she took over the role of leadership and walked ahead of us.

She is an amazing fast learner and she will need a lot of training and discipline.
Thanks for taking so good care of her!
Best regards,

I’m Adopted!

adopted-21Just wanted to stop by and thank you all for producing our favorite family addition. Roofus is a little over a year and is doing great! He was one of the ‘pit bull puppy’ pack and now that he’s getting older we and the folks around town have a great time trying to identify what kind of dog he really is. a brown dog. He’s happy, friendly and handsome. Learning lots of great tricks and we are currently teaching him to catch the frisbee, which is moving along very well. By the way, he is one soulful singer! Roof-man undoubtedly sings from his heart and soul, loves the harmonica and seriously digs amplified guitar riffs. He’s plain cool and we thank you for sending him in our direction. He’d love to have his picture on your site, he say’s he’s worth it 🙂 We think so too…
Kristina from Gilroy


I’m Adopted!


When the Fall breezes blew Halloween into California, we adopted Chloe. Our first big outing was to walk down Ocean Avenue in the delightful costume parade. She is the first “little dog” we have had, our previous two adoptees being more in the 85 pound fuzzy big dog range than the 22 pound Cocker Spaniel range.

My daughter laughingly remarked, when she looked into her kitchen and saw Chloe standing on top of the table, “Little doesn’t apply to her personality.” I have dubbed her a Spanbit because she seems half spaniel and half rabbit. Both have large and expressive ears, limpid eyes and an ability to jump that belies their size. I have a list of chapter titles for a book I plan to write for my year old grandson who laughs at “Whoawee” all the time. Perhaps one of the more intriguing chapters is “Whoawee Eats an Ant”…you get the drift.

Thank you SPCA and a special thanks to Justin Phillips for helping Chloe become a good dog.

Bev Kreps


I’m Adopted!

adopted-23“Soldier” has been with us since April 14th of this year. He has made our home a warmer, richer place, and I want to thank all of you for the honor and privilege of allowing us to bring him him home.

As with any animal exposed to a new environment, he has taken his time to adjust to his new surroundings, but he’s doing better than I could have possibly imagined-every day is a new surprise, and it seems that each day a new facet of what I’ve come to see as an amazing intellect comes to the surface. He’s a car dog, he’s a beach dog; he’s wary of strangers, but warms to them quickly-the same goes for other dogs he meets in our travels. He’s playful and loves to smile and wag his tail. He’s mischievous in an endearing way, and is about as excellent an addition to our home as I could imagine.

Thank all of you once again, I hope to see you soon.

Regards, Michael and Betsey Carter


I’m Adopted!


Buster was pulled from the SPCA for Monterey County in May 2002 by our local boxer rescue with us in mind. We had just lost our beloved rescue girl Stella to heart disease and were so fortunate that Buster came into our lives. He is a very dear boy and beloved by not only our family but our entire neighborhood. He is getting old and grey and slow but we love him all the more. His “cousin” Bogie also is an alumni of the SPCA!

Thanks for making it possible for these perfect matches to be made.

San Jose, CA


I’m Adopted!

adopted-25Sammy is on the left, he is 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier. On March 11, 2007 we adopted Sammy. My husband and I had worked at the SPCA Telethon on March 10, 2007 and Sammy was featured on TV that he was up for adoption. I saw him that night and couldn’t quit thinking about him, so on Sunday we went out to the SPCA and visited him. We brought Nikki our 9 year (on the right in the picture) with us to see if they would get along. It was really important to us that they did get a long together well. I just told my Husband Keith that we were just going to visit him, nothing else.
We went back in the holding pens and retrieved Sammy. We went to the visiting area inside and then to the outside visiting area. Nikki & Sammy got along very well together.

After our visit I told my husband I would have to think about if we should adopt him or not, I am not a person to makes a quick decision. The SPCA staff member told me to place Sammy back into his holding pen. I walked back to the holding pens to leave Sammy and I stopped and just couldn’t do it and began to cry, it was really emotional….I turned around and brought him back into the lobby area and told my husband and the staff member we would take him to our home. Sammy just found a new and permanent home.

Sammy is such a loving dog and has become such a important part of our lives and a big part of our family. We are so blessed to have found Sammy, he is totally trained and speaks on command. He loves his new sister and his new Mom and Dad….Sammy will never have to worry about going to another home ever. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I knew it was meant to be when we found out Sammy’s birthday is on Halloween. Thank you SPCA for making our family more complete!

Debbie Stein


I’m Adopted!

adopted-26Reena (a.k.a. Corina) was adopted April 15, 2003. My little tax break? I was lucky enough that a worker told me about her. She was still in isolation from coming off of Kennel Cough. I fell love with her the moment I saw her. I went home, picked up the kids and when back right away. I was so surprised at how long she had been kept there. She was found as a stray in February and was going out to the viewing area the day I showed up. We were able to take her home that day! What a wonderful addition to our family she has been. She is so full of love and energy she lights up the whole house. She has been great with both kids and loves to play with them in the yard (not to mention my parent’s dogs…they love to run the yard together on play days). She has turned out to be quite the Momma’s girl. But I really don’t mind. “Two rules” my husband said….”1- you clean up the yard after it…2 – it doesn’t sleep on the bed”…yeah right. He was the first to feel sorry for her in her cushy bed on the floor and call her up to the bed. She now snuggles with us every night…right in the middle. He’s the first to ask where she is if she is not there when it’s bed time. (That’s usually because she is curled up with my kids on their beds). Thank you SPCA for giving me one of the greatest gifts in my life. She has a forever home with us and that’s a promise!


I’m Adopted!


I wanted to let you know that I am doing very well and am so happy in my new home. I was adopted on November 12 and went home with my new mom on Nov. 14. She had been very sad after having to put her very ill 15-year-old Siamese cat to sleep in September.

After two long months with no feline around, she decided she did not know how to live in a house without a cat. Lucky for me, mom knows SPCA employee Judy Leroy. She told Judy to let her know when any Siamese kittens came in. Judy saw me and my brother “Moe” not long after we arrived at the SPCA and called mom.


I was given the name of “Missy”. When they went to do my spay surgery they found out they needed to neuter me instead. OOPS! Mom did not care that I was a boy instead of a girl and still wanted to adopt me. Whew! She just had to pick a new name for me. She decided the name she picked out for me when she thought I was a girl would not work once she found out I was a boy.

It took her a few days to give me a name but until she did she called me Buddyroe. Her final choice was Bandit. My official name is Buddyroe Bandit. She picked that name from a favorite childhood cartoon called ‘Jonny Quest”. He had a dog name Bandit who had a raccoon “mask”…just like me. “Moe” and I were adopted on the name day and I hope he is doing well in his new home with the nice lady who adopted him.

I was little bitty guy and only weighed 3.3 lbs. when I was adopted. Today I am very healthy and weigh 7.9 lbs. and am still a growing boy. Mom got a bumper sticker that said “I found love at the SPCA”, but that November day, so did I.


I’m Adopted!


Here is Sammy at her best, We adopted Sammy in Feb and seems to be adjusting quite well to our other dog. They are always playing tug-o-war, or trying to be lap dogs. They get along great with each other and they keep us on our toes! We love them and are so happy that they chose to be a part of our family.


I’m Adopted!


We have had our great little dog, Sophie, for 6 great years now. She is a crazy little dog, for 7 years old she acts like a 7 month old puppy! She loves to be dressed up in little jackets and she is very mischievous and gets into trouble. (like in the picture). We are happy with the progress she has made and we are lucky to have this happy little dog in our lives. I am sure Sophie would love to say “Hello” to all the nice people who took care of her!!! Thank You S.P.C.A.
– The Aiellos


I’m Adopted!


She quickly made herself at home by stealing our cat’s pink bed. We had a rule that she would have free reign of the house but would sleep on her bed, not on ours but that didn’t last for long. How could you resist her cute face! She now sleeps with us on the bed and we couldn’t be happier with her.

I adopted a Shih Tzu, Soozie (previous name, Gypsy) a little over a month ago. I had seen her on the Monterey SPCA website and immediately went down to see her in person. Her cheerful personality won me over immediately. I wanted to take her home that day but she was unavailable for adoption until the next day. I was so excited I made a second trip to see her with my husband so the two could meet.


She not only gives us lots of love but she makes us laugh all the time too. The silly girl was in the backyard and heard a plane flying overhead and quickly proceeded to bark at it and chase it! Did she really think she was going to catch the plane? She also likes to bark at the raccoons at night through the sliding glass door. You’d think she was a 150 pound Rottweiler with the way she barks. She shows them whose boss! Her favorite thing to do, like any girl, is to shop at PetSmart. We take her there once a week and always spoil her and get bows in her hair and pretty new clothes. She is too cute and too fun to dress up.

I just wanted to thank the staff at Monterey SPCA for holding her for us so we could adopt our very sweet and very loved little Soozie. She is a very welcome addition to our family!


I’m Adopted!

Dear Staff and Animals of The SPCA,

Hi, my name is Cassidy. I’m 12 years old. I’ve adopted a dog and a cat from The SPCA. When I was looking for my dog I wanted to find the right one, one that can cuddle with me and be my faithful companion. It took me months and in those months I came to you guys, The SPCA. That gave me the best dog in the world! Every day I went in The SPCA I saw the dogs that wanted a home. All of them! All of them barking at you saying “take me home”! I wish I can take all of them but I couldn’t. You guys gave those animals a 2nd life which is awesome. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love, Cassidy



I’m Adopted!

I adopted Ginger (AKA Lil Thang) on December First. She hasn’t even been with me a week and I already love her to death! She has been a great addition to our home.


I’m Adopted!

Just wanted to write and thank everyone at the SPCA for everything you do to help the surrendered animals in our county! Our family has had our new addition for just over a month now and things could not be better. Dempsey (aka Moose) has quickly become part of our family. We have him with us everywhere we go and he has become very close with our 3 year old daughter Megan. He is a avid beach bum, and loves everyone (animal or human) he comes in contact with! We are sure we now have the best puppy ever! Thank you again!



I’m Adopted!


Just wanted to let you know that Alley is doing wonderfully in her new home! We adopted her from you guys in late July and quickly fell in love with her.

She’s a little princess who thinks she’s a lap dog! She even howls along with her dad on the harmonica. She has brought so much affection and fun into our lives. We just adore her and can’t imagine life now without her.

Thank you so much for taking her in and caring for her until we found each other!



I’m Adopted!

adopted-38Anthem is doing great in her new home. She loves to fetch balls and run in the backyard. She also likes to snuggle up with us on the couch. She is a great fit for our family.



I’m Adopted!

adopted-39Recently I was cleaning out some files and I came across a receipt dated June 13, 1992. It was issued by the Monterey County SPCA for our new Queensland Heeler mix puppy whom we named Dixie. Dixie came home with us to King City that day, joining our other dog Doogie, who we felt needed a companion as we both worked full time.

Dixie was 8 weeks old and part of an abandoned litter of five pups found in the Gonzales area. It is possible that she was even younger; she was so tiny and did not seem fully weaned. The first year we had her was tough; she tore apart the yard, was reluctant to be housebroken, ate bizarre things and generally wrecked havoc on our home. We nicknamed her “Dixie Cup, the Terrible, Horrible, no Good Pup.” There were times we were tempted to find her a good home but we were afraid of what might become of her. And Doogie loved her and in spite of her flaws we did too. Eventually she mellowed and learned good manners. She was quiet and loved attention. If you petted her she would not allow you to stop; she would pet you back until you started again (mind you, it hurts a little when a dog pets you!). In time, her nickname simply became “Dixie Cup.”

Over the years Dixie moved with us several times and helped us welcome home our four children. She also had to say goodbye to Doogie and a yellow lab named Buddy who joined our family after her. She traveled on vacations with us, camping and hiking all over the Western United States. She was a gentle and loving girl.

In March of this year we returned home from a trip to find our sweet girl could no longer move her back legs. She wagged her tail to see us come home, licked our hands and seemed glad to see us. The next day at the vet I held my sweet Dixie Cup in my arms as I said good bye. She would have been fourteen years old the following month.

It has been nearly eight months since she died. We miss her every day but we don’t know how to be dogless. It’s funny how you don’t notice some things until they are gone but when you don’t hear toenails clicking on the floor or ID tags jingling it is too quiet. So three months ago we welcomed a new fur ball into our home; a border collie/Australian shepherd mix boy we named “Fly.” Fly is a ball of fire; he digs holes, un-pots my geraniums, irritates the cats, chews firewood, jumps on the couch, eats things he shouldn’t and does it all with joy. He’s pretty cute and a bit annoying but we think he’ll be fine…

I just wanted to thank you for the good work you do and to let you know the story of one special dog who found her family with your help.

Thank you,
Chico, CA


I’m Adopted!

We adopted “Angel” on October 5th 2006. She has since been renamed “Panda” and is living a life of luxury in Monterey.



I’m Adopted!

adopted-42I go to your webpage and read you successful adoptions and I have been meaning to write you. We adopted “Shawn” in May of 2004. His new name is Monte and he is the best cat ever!! We were camping across the street at Laguna Seca Raceway and visited a neighboring mall where you had him out on display and it was love at first sight.

Mike told me I could get him if we ever saw him again….it turned out that the SPCA was right across the street from our campsite (who would have thought) and he ate his words!! We actually live and San Diego and that weekend we made the drive with Monte all the way south. It was so hot, the truck was overheating and it was right in the afternoon sun!! He was a trooper. I had ice packs on him and put ice on his feet to keep him cool.


Once he was in San Diego he learned the rules really fast. He walks on a leash, comes when you call him and knows many other words. He is a very social guy, he loves when we have people over and he loves the vet and kids.

He is for sure our little buddy.

Recently, we adopted a new kitten from Helen Woodward Animal Shelter near San Diego. At first he was really upset but he has adjusted very well.

Now, they snuggle and clean each other. Monte was not the best at keeping himself clean and Kaia has trained him very well!!

Thank you for such a great cat!!!


I’m Adopted!

adopted-43We wanted to give you an up date on Queenie. She is the sweetest, most gentle old dog we have ever met. She is the perfect fit for our family. We take her to the beach every day where she runs and plays. She spends the rest of the day sleeping or playing with the kids.

Thank you so much for all that you do!


I’m Adopted!

adopted-44We adopted Daisy on June 14th and she is very comfortable as our newest family member!

Andrew and Carolyn


I’m Adopted!

adopted-45Dear Friends and Family at The SPCA,

I am just writing to let you know how very happy I am in my new home. I am so busy all day with my new family. We do everything together. I also get lots of exercise following my new family around. I love running up and down the stairs. I am really getting fit and trim, too! Also, I have friends there, too. They are cats but we are so happy together.

Thank you for being so good to me, taking good care of me, and keeping me warm and safe while I was waiting to meet my new family. I feel like I have been at my new home forever. Life is good! Thanks again!

Love, Maggie


I’m Adopted!

adopted-46I was just going through your website to see if there was any info on the availability of kittens. I came across your successful adoptions page and thought I should send in a photo.

About 6 years ago, my husband came in to look for a buddy for our then 10 year old cat, Bobcat. Bob goes on walks with me every day. He’s got a harness and leash. I carry him down to the breakwater and he walks back to my shop near Longs on Hoffman avenue. He has a number of routes he likes to follow and a few places he insists on stopping by to get his daily treats.

Anyway, I walked in to your office, with Bobcat on my shoulder, and took Bob into the back, where there were five kittens. I put him down and he walked through. The first two kittens, he just passed with no interest. Then he spotted the third kitten and went directly to his cage. They started sniffing each other and Bob started licking the kitten between the bars. We took the kitten to another room, and let them bond, realizing that they were fast friends. We decided that he was the one. Frank is now 6 years old and Bobcat is now 16. They are still the best of friends. We are thinking of bringing Bob back in this spring to find another little buddy for them both to “take care of”, so you may see us soon.

In the meantime, here is one of my favorite photos of Bobcat (orange) and Franklin.


I’m Adopted!

adopted-47Congratulations to “Missy” who was adopted at 7:45 in the morning on May 11th after her new mom met her at The SPCA’s Evening for the Animals the night before! It was love at first sight and we are so happy for Missy and her new family.


I’m Adopted!

adopted-48“Chico’s” new family sent us this email to update us on their successful adoption:

“Just wanted you to know Chico (the Blue & Gold Macaw) is doing wonderfully in his new home! Don lets him out daily to play on his gym on top of his cage. His girlfriend, Barbara, has made special bird seed muffins for him for occasional treat, which he LOVES!!! Chico is getting spoiled – BIG TIME!!! He gets lots of love and attention and really settled into Don’s house right from the start. Don spends a lot of time speaking to him in a gentle voice and hand feeding him. He said he can’t believe how gentle he is. What a wonderful match!

Thank you for trusting that he would give him the care he needed! He’s a big hearted animal lover and will take great care of Chico. Don has spoken very highly of you all and really enjoyed his visit when he picked up Chico.”



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