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Introducing the SPCA’s Next Development Director…

I’ve found The SPCA’s future Development Director. She checks all the boxes for this vital role.  Passion for our mission. Check. Warm and personable. Check. Not afraid to ask others to open up their checkbooks and piggy banks to support our cause. Check.  Results-driven. Check. Poised, polished, delightful. Check, check, check. She also draws really well, so that’s a bonus. She does not drive, but we can work around that.

The way I see it, my new friend Dahlia will join our staff around 2038, after she’s graduated from college and has had a few years of professional seasoning under her belt. She turns seven in three weeks!

We first met Dahlia, a local resident, during our Telethon in March. She brought in $200 in pennies. She found a penny one day and that sparked an idea: pennies for puppies. With the help of her parents who hand-rolled 20,000 pennies (add “delegates well” to Dahlia’s list of attributes), Dahlia made the largest gift we can recall for someone her age.

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Guest Blog – Pet Specialists of Monterey (Wag n’ Walk ‘Top Dog’ Sponsors!)

by Sara Davi

Day in and day out, the veterinarians and technical staff at Pet Specialists of Monterey (PSM) do everything in their power to provide your pet with the best possible care available. At Pet Specialists of Monterey, the doors are always open. The lights are always on. The hospital is never empty. They are the shoulder to lean on; for family veterinarians, for pet owners, for active and retired k9 police officers, as well as our local non-profits and animal rescues.  

As an extension of the veterinary clinic and services provided by the SPCA of Monterey County, the board-certified specialists and 24-hour emergency services at Pet Specialists of Monterey are able to offer top-notch, innovative care to relinquished animals in our community.

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Walk Your Own Dog to Raise Funds for SPCA Animals

I sent this email message to the entire SPCA staff two weeks ago:

Next year’s SPCA Wag n’ Walk fundraiser will take place on 4/20.  We will invite local marijuana dispensaries to have booths at our event and this will increase the revenue stream from vendors.  Once the pot heads are on-board, that will open-up countless opportunities and this is where I need your help to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on ideas. For example, a marijuana vendor might charge $5 per hit for our participants (Puffs for Pups!). Easy money for shelter animals, right?  As another idea, we’re looking at having a special Zig Zag agility course just for humans who have taken the most hits. That could be more fun than watching the dogs in their agility area! In fact, we could go all out and rebrand this event as the Wag n’ Weed which would enable us to reach an entirely new audience. Our highly popular event T-shirt could say this on the back: “I inhaled (but my dog did not!) at the SPCA’s Wag n’ Weed.”

Before you report me to the local authorities, please know I sent this April 1.  We have to have fun where we can!  And, yes, I did fool a few people for at least a few sentences!

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Couch Potatoes Needed!

This Thursday, I get to channel my inner Jerry Lewis for the SPCA’s telethon. Our annual “Share the Love” event will air throughout the day from 6 am to 8 pm on KSBW 8 and Central Coast ABC.

During commercial breaks of your favorite shows, KSBW news anchor Brittany Neilson will guide the festivities and introduce heartwarming stories about animals you helped rescue, and she’ll be joined by yours truly and other SPCA staff.  You’ll learn about everything your local, independent SPCA does for pets, people, and wildlife in Monterey County.

Throughout the day, we’ll ask you to share your love by donating to make a difference for homeless, abused, and neglected animals in our community.

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You can put lipgloss on Pig Pen, but…

Someone caught me in a weak moment. I was attending a memorial service for an SPCA supporter when I was wrangled into modeling in the PacRep Theatre’s November 1 fashion show/fundraiser titled “Runway Revels! A Very Different Fashion Show.”  

And, it was a very different different fashion show, namely because it included a lunk like me.

Promotional materials  urged people to “experience a new and theatrical event as community VIPs walk the runway and model PacRep’s famous Costume Collection.”

Models were asked to to share a short anecdote related to theatre or performing. I had nothing. I played Pig Pen, from Peanuts, in the 4th grade.  I like to think I gave a stirring, nuanced portrayal of this flawed, complicated character. But, I had one line and probably botched it.

A month before the show, I had my appointment with the costume designer. Models were invited to choose their costume/character from among the few dozen musicals PacRep has put on. I met a bubbly lady where we were surrounded by clothing racks and boxes spilling over with feathered boas and crazy hats.  “I can really see you as a giraffe!,” she gushed.  “You know, like from Madagascar,” which I did notice on the list of past PacRep shows. “It would require that you walk on stilts.”

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