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Your SPCA in the News

Have you read the morning paper yet?  The Monterey County Herald has published two stories today that feature your SPCA for Monterey County.  

Drought has been a concern in

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Breaking News: SPCA Rescues Animals From Big Sur Wildfire

UPDATE 12/19/13:

So far, the SPCA has helped families transport 63 animals to safety. These animals include goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas. At our shelter, we are currently housing 30 displaced chickens.  The American Red Cross has deactivated its Fire Service Center, meaning the SPCA will not be needed to set up and emergency pet shelter. We continue to standby if conditions change. 

Click here for a photo gallery of SPCA Rescuers in action.


As in the past, The SPCA for Monterey County is here to help our community through devastating disasters.  When families are asked to evacuate their homes, many are left without a plan to evacuate pets.  The SPCA is helping families during this hard time by assisting with large animal evacuations. If activated, The SPCA will also set up an evacuation shelter along side the American Red Cross for smaller pets.  

The SPCA for Monterey County is currently rescuing animals from the Big Sur Pfeiffer Wildfire, including alpacas, goats, sheep, llamas, chickens, and more.  The animals are being relocated to specific safe areas as requested by their owners, who have been asked to evacuate themselves.  All emergency services provided by The SPCA are free of charge and supported through the generosity of our caring donors.

 The SPCA is also receiving many questions about wildlife affected by the fires.  The Pfeiffer Wildfire has impacted habitat for many wild animals.  However, these animals are adapted to living in this fire prone ecosystem, and most are able to move out of the way of approaching fire.  A small number may be injured and, if found, should be reported to The SPCA Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for rescue.  


How You Can Help:

·         Donate to support The SPCA’s fire rescue efforts.  The SPCA is completely independent, donor-supported, and not a chapter of any other organization. We rely on contributions to support our vital rescue services.

·         Report injured wildlife to The SPCA by calling 264-5427 or 646-5534 after business hours.

·         Prepare yourself, your family and your animals for a disaster. 


If You Need Help:  

·         Contact The SPCA at 831-373-2631 or 422-4721 or emergency after hours at 646-5534.

View a list of Pet Friendly Lodging ing the Monterey Area.


SPCA Humane Officers – Helping Animals in Monterey County

SPCA Humane Investigations Officers provide a wide variety of vital services to our community every day.  Our Humane Investigations department receives over 800 reports of suspected abuse or neglect to animals in our county every year through a variety of reporting venues.  Many of the reports are

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SPCA Rescues Neglected Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

UPDATE 11/5/13: The three dogs healthy enough for adoption were adopted into wonderful new homes this weekend. The others are beginning their recovery process in foster homes in the bay area. You can contact to learn more about them. 

We invite you to sign up for our Pet Alert Program to receive an automatic text or email alert when another Cavalier arrives at our shelter.

We want to thank our supporters who make these rescues possible, our adopters who open their loving arms to pets in need, everyone who reports cruelty and neglect, our volunteers and staff for working tirelessly every day and witness horrors no one should ever have to see, and Cavalier Rescue for helping us with the rescued dogs. We can’t do it without you!

Thanks to your support, your  SPCA for Monterey County rescued eight Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from deplorable conditions in Greenfield.

After last week’s news coverage of SPCA rescues, we received a call reporting multiple dogs being housed inhumanely. The owner agreed to surrender the neglected dogs to SPCA Humane Officers.  Two dogs, a 3 year old red and white female and 

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SPCA Rescues 30 Neglected Dogs & Puppies

Your SPCA Humane Officers recently rescued 20 dogs and ten puppies from a horrific hoarding case in Soledad. The dogs and puppies are now all safe and starting the long road to recovery at the SPCA.

The house where they were being kept is cluttered to the ceiling with furniture, trash, boxes and garbage.  In order to move throughout the house,

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Pet Alert Program

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assure compassionate and humane treatment of all animals in our community.