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Disaster Preparedness – The SPCA can help

Disasters can strike without warning at any moment.   You may have a disaster plan for your family, but are your pets included in that plan?  The SPCA can help! 

During the Carmel River floods in 1995, the SPCA for Monterey County was the very first SPCA in the nation to partner with the American Red Cross to shelter evacuated

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Breaking News: SPCA rescues 70 Pets in Greenfield

On July 23, the SPCA for Monterey County rescued 70 neglected pets from a house in Greenfield.

SPCA Humane Officers responded to a residence on the 300 block of Apple Avenue in Greenfield after receiving a call from the Greenfield Police Department about a suspected hoarding situation. The small house was filled

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Breaking News: SPCA rescues 20 Pets from Pacific Grove House

Yesterday, your SPCA rescued 14 dogs, four young puppies and two cats from shocking, inhumane conditions in a Pacific Grove house. The house was dangerously cluttered with tall piles of

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SPCA Humane Investigations: Recent Rescues & How You Can Help

The SPCA’s Humane Investigations department responds to over 1,000 cases of reported animal neglect or cruelty each year, and our officers often make headlines with their compassionate rescues.  Recent heart-breaking cases include the rescue of

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Your SPCA in the News

Have you read the morning paper yet?  The Monterey County Herald has published two stories today that feature your SPCA for Monterey County.  

Drought has been a concern in

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assure compassionate and humane treatment of all animals in our community.