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“Champion of Animal Rights”

The name Marie Aronson isn’t familiar to many of you but she’s special to the SPCA.  When I walk through our adoption courtyard where potential adopters spend time getting to know our dogs — where the magic happens — I pass a bench with this inscription:  “In Honor of Deputy District Attorney Marie Aronson – Champion of Animal Rights.” Marie’s co-workers, colleagues and friends made a generous donation for the naming rights for a bench to memorialize her shortly after she passed away last year.

Marie, as a member of Monterey County’s District Attorney’s Office, prosecuted animal abuse cases for 15 years. When she first arrived at the DA’s office in the 1980s, she “self-identified” as an animal lover and protector, and actively pursued cases that SPCA humane investigators built and submitted for prosecution.

Longtime residents may remember a widely publicized animal abuse case in the mid 1980s where a little dog was sealed in a box and tossed over a cliff in Carmel. This wasn’t Marie’s first case, but among the first to receive significant publicity and it helped local residents understand our mission included investigating cases of abuse and cruelty.

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Bistro SPCA – Thanksgiving gone to the dogs (and cats!)

Rescued pets at the SPCA receive loving, compassionate care from staff and volunteers every day – holidays included!  And this Thanksgiving they are receiving something extra special – a Thanksgiving treat made by a special set of animal ambassadors: SPCA Animal Campers.

Participants in today’s “Shelter Party” one day animal camp are having a blast learning all about the SPCA and how they can help animals in need. These SPCA campers/chefs have lovingly prepared delectable delights for adoptable dogs and cats to make them feel extra special on Thanksgiving!  

On this special “Bistro SPCA” Thanksgiving Day menu:  Our adoptable canines will be feasting on heavenly “Frozen Turkey Dinner Natural Dog Treats.”  This dish is an ambrosial combination of turkey broth, peas, and delicately softened sweet potato chunks.  These luscious ingredients are tenderly mixed together and glaciated (a fanciful term for “frozen”) into bite-sized nuggets of delectable scrumptiousness.  

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Dream Job

Man Kills Cat with Sledgehammer.  Raccoon Impaled with Pitchfork. Puppy Burned with Cigarette Lighter. Hawk Suffers Gunshot Wound.

These are the headlines that cross my desk.  I gave an interview once holding the 10-pound barbell plate someone tied to a cat’s collar, before tossing the cat into the three-foot deep lagoon fronting the Oracle towers in Redwood Shores; the length of rope was about two-feet long, cut that length, I guessed, to maximize the cat’s struggling and suffering.

People learn about these kinds of stories and ask “How can you do this work?”

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2016 Pet Calendar – Just a few more days to enter!

The deadline is looming! All submissions for our 2016 Calendar of Superstar pets must be in by midnight on Monday, August 31. Don’t wait – plan a photo shoot featuring

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SPCA Collaborations – Pet Meals on Wheels

A beloved pet is often the only source of peace and comfort for those with medical, mobility, or age-related challenges. However, for those who are homebound due to physical impairments or on fixed incomes, the cost of proper nutrition for both themselves as well as their pets can be a constant worry.

Thanks to The SPCA’s collaboration with Meals on Wheels in both the Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula, the burden of obtaining nutritious food for pets in spite of economic challenges has been lifted.  Along with the regular meals provided to those enrolled in the program, Meals on Wheels volunteers are now delivering pet food provided by The SPCA. This program has ensured that those in need no longer feel compelled to give their much-needed meals to their pets.  Thanks to a complete and nutritious diet, both the two and four-legged members of the household enjoy a much healthier life at home.

It is very rewarding to hear back form many members enrolled in the Meals on Wheels program tell me how our collaboration saved not only their pet, but themselves. Many of the people who are helped by the program have no family left, and greatly depend on the companionship of their pet just to get through the day. I am so glad that we are able to help these lovely people keep their friends with them at home where they belong.

All of the food and supplies needed to accomplish this very important collaboration are made possible by the generosity of members of our community. Donations to help purchase the high-quality pet food used may be sent to The SPCA’s “Pet Meals Delivery Fund.” Donate online now to support The SPCA’s Pet Meals Program


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