Paws to Recycle provides surgery for severely injured animals rescued by the SPCA, paid for by donated aluminum cans and plastic bottles. All proceeds from the recycling of donated cans go directly towards Paws to Recycle to help animals like “Sophie” or click here to donate directly.

Sophie was rescued by The SPCA’s Humane Investigations Department from a home in Salinas. Sophie had extensive pelvic fractures that involved both hip sockets, preventing her from standing. This very sweet young dog, only seven month old, underwent a complex surgical procedure called femoral head ostectomy on Wednesday to allow her to walk again. Despite her severe injuries, Sophie continued to wag her tail, give kisses, and steal the heart of everyone she meets.

Officer Rosanna Leighton learned about Sophie from a concerned citizen who reported seeing a dog that seemed unable to walk. Upon investigation, Officer Leighton discovered that the dog had been hit by a car over a week earlier but that the owner did not seek veterinary treatment. Vet Treatment is required for all injured animals under California State Penal Code 597.1.

Sophie’s emergency vet care, surgery, and aftercare were all covered by donations to The SPCA’s Paws to Recycle fund. To help more animals in need, The SPCA is asking you or your school, office, club, or restaurant to turn aluminum (or plastic) into gold today by donating your recyclable aluminum beverage cans and plastic bottles.

Bags of aluminum cans or plastic bottles may be dropped off at The SPCA shelter lobby between 8:00 and 5:00 daily.You can also donate online or call The SPCA with a donation earmarked for Paws to Recycle. For more information, please contact The SPCA at 373-2631 or 422-4721 or email us. Help the environment…and the animals. Paws to Recycle.