SPCA experts are available to provide educational, entertaining, and engaging presentations to your club, class or community group either at your facility or at The SPCA. We can educate your group on a wide variety of topics from dog bite prevention to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Presentations will be personally tailored to your group’s needs.

To schedule a presentation or for more information, please call The SPCA at (831) 264-5469 or email us.

Just for Kids

Learn more about SPCA’s programs for kids like the Junior Volunteer Programs, Animal Camp, Birthday Parties, School Presentations, School and Club Tours, Education, and Dog Bite Prevention.

SPCA Pet Meals Program

A beloved pet is often the primary source of comfort for people with medical or age-related challenges. Yet for those who are physically impaired or on fixed incomes, it can be a constant struggle to obtain proper nutrition for themselves and their pets. Click here to learn more about the PetMeals Program.