Soberanes Fire Information

Your SPCA for Monterey County responded to help people and pets affected by the Soberanes Fire. Remember – if you are ever given orders to evacuate, please bring your pets with you. If you need assistance, call us at 831-373-2631.

The SPCA took in 232 pets displaced by the fire, including 57 cats, 45 dogs, 88 chickens, 6 goats, 6 ducks, 5 turkeys, 5 horses, 4 guinea hens, 3 donkeys, 3 parakeets, 3 fish, 1 parrot, 1 rabbit, 1 lamb, 1 turtle, 1 tarantula, 1 king snake, and 1 leopard gecko. After weeks or months in our care, all of the rescued pets were returned to their owners.

We also provided free food, supplies, and emergency evacuation services to hundreds more. As needed and when conditions allowed, our disaster team worked to rescue animals from evacuated areas.

This was all provided at absolutely no charge.

How You Can Help:

  • Prepare for a disaster now. With the winter coming, you can expect mudslides and flooding in our area, especially in areas burned by the Soberanes fire. Other potential disasters include earthquakes, fires, and tsunamis. Please prepare today!
  • Cash donations are extremely helpful as they can be used for the most dire needs, which is important in a fire like this where needs can change in a moment.
  • Towels, pet toys, pet food, supplies, and pet beds are also gratefully accepted. Donations can be brought to our shelter located at 1002 Monterey Salinas Highway, across from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca or by donating now.

Thank you all for your amazing support. We thank all the fire fighters and first responders and our hearts are with everyone affected by the fire.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assure compassionate and humane treatment of all animals in our community.