Therapy Dog Training Class


Family Dog 1 – Dogs should be happy and well-versed on the basic manners taught in Family Dog 1.

Therapy and Service Dog Informational Workshop – If you’re waiting for the next workshop, please let the instructor know.

Are you interested in developing and practicing good strategies for you and your dog as you work toward being a Happy Therapy Dog Team? While practicing manners and other behaviors, we will be covering many components that make up a great working Therapy Dog Team. This Therapy Dog Class is expected to be a recurring class to continue to improve on and gain skills.
This class is also open to those not necessarily wanting to do Therapy Dog visits, but who want to practice and learn fun team-bonding skills.

Material Requirement:
“Teaming with Your Therapy Dog” by Ann R. Howie, LICSW, ACSW
“Canine Body Language – A Photographic Guide” by Brenda Aloff

Please bring proof of vaccinations the first week of class.

RegistrationTherapy Dog Training Class

Duration:  5 Weeks
Cost:  $135 for General Public, $125 for Shelter Adoptees
Therapy Dog Class:   Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Location:  SPCA Training Center, 1002 Monterey-Salinas Highway

No choke or pinch collars or retractable leashes.

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