The Tiniest Storm Victim

The SPCA for Monterey County Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is caring for a tiny baby hummingbird who was a victim of the winter storm.

During the powerful storm last night, a tree blew over on Kennedy Road in Salinas. A local resident had been watching hummingbirds nest in the tree over the last few days and knew, sadly, the tiny nest was somewhere in the debris. She carefully sifted through the branches until she found the tiny, hidden nest.  Inside the tiny nest she found one hatchling and one egg. She waited an hour for the baby’s parents to return, and when they didn’t she brought the nestling in his nest to the SPCA Wildlife Center for emergency care.

The hummingbird nestling is just one day old. Since the nestling is so young, the situation is dire. But wildlife rescue staff are doing all the can to care for this tiniest of emergency patients.

The inside of the tiny hummingbird nest is only the diameter of a quarter.  The hatchling hummingbird is so small, approximately the size of a coffee bean, that skilled wildlife rescue team members have to feed him with a syringe with catheter tip.  This is an extremely specialized procedure.

The unhatched egg is the size of a small, oblong blueberry.  The egg will hatch by tomorrow if it is still viable after the traumatic fall. Thank you for your gifts that make rescues like these possible!

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