Senior Management Team

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Rosanna-180-name Beth-180-name Gina-180-name
SusanI-180-name Laura-180-name


Management Team

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StacyD-180-name Dawn-180-name Leah-180name
Christy-180-name Jamie-180-name Amanda-180-name
Nancy-180-name Katherine-180-name


Board of Directors

  • Konny Murray, President
  • G. Robert Evans, Vice President
  • Susan Creveling, Secretary
  • C. Lee Cox, Treasurer
  • Anita Dunsay
  • Anne Fitzpatrick
  • Jack Hardy
  • Carol Kimbrough
  • Diane Mall
  • Joan McKee
  • Greg Marsolais, DVM
  • Carlotta Mellon
  • Wayne Moon
  • Laraine Sanford
  • Bob Schaefer
  • Brenda Sullivan
  • Janet Tague

Pet Alert Program

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assure compassionate and humane treatment of all animals in our community.