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Private Training


Private Training: For in-person or virtual private training, please call us at 831-265-5422 or email Wendi: wnewman@spcamc.org or Gina: gchang@spcamc.org We offer virtual consultations and in-person appointments at the shelter to help you work with your dog's behavioral needs. 

In our first appointment with you, we will meet virtually for a consultation about your dog's behavior. During that time, we will discuss your dog's past history and the details of your current behavior concerns. We will create a personalized management, training, and behavior modification program for you. Our Behavior Specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable about all types of behavior and can apply a wide range of protocols to help your dog. Each behavior case is tailored to our individual clients' needs.

If you need assistance with your dog's behavior, contact us, and we will be happy to help! Call 831-264-5422 or email us here

Our behavior specialists are certified by national (CCPDT.org) and international organizations (IAABC.org) and have extensive experience in training and behavior modification. Our trainers and specialists regularly attend educational events to expand and improve their skills to serve our clients better. We frequently receive referrals for help in difficult cases, especially for aggression and reactivity. Our unique facility allows our trainers many choices in carefully crafting a behavior modification treatment plan that is comfortable and successful for you and your dog. 


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