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Keep Cats Safe - Indoors!

Did you know indoor cats live up to three times longer than outdoor kitties? 

Indoor cats are less likely to run into serious outdoor hazards like cars, dogs, territorial or feral cats, or roaming wild animals. There are other health benefits too: cats kept inside aren’t as exposed to fleas, ticks, or sick/unvaccinated cats. If your cat is long-haired, an inside life can help keep their coat free of dirt, leaves, and debris.

And, staying indoors helps prevent your cat from killing birds or other vulnerable wildlife.

There’s no need to risk the dangers of the outdoors when a catio is a great option! Catios give cats a taste of the outdoors - fresh air, sunbeams, and bugs to chase - while also keeping them and our local songbirds safe. Check out these examples, or visit our Cat Colony rooms in our Adoption Center to see catios in action. You can make your own or purchase pre-made online!