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Training Classes

Do you and your puppy need a puppy class?

  • All Puppy Classes (For puppies up to 18 months of age or shy dogs needing extra help.) Puppy Levels 1 & 2 and Teenage Troubles
  • Teenage Troubles Have a teenaged puppy that's giving you grey hair? (For older puppies that are starting to react on a leash or are displaying other concerning behaviors)

Looking for a basic manners class?

If your dog reacts to things on walks or in your home, look here:

Do you need a short workshop on specific training?

Are you looking for a safe and fun alternative to dog parks?

Private Training: please call us at 831-264-5422 


How do online classes work?

Clients are often unsure about working online in a class or privately with our behavior specialists. We meet using online video to help our dog owners stay on track with training and share our weekly experiences. After class, you are sent written homework exercises with our video links demonstrating how to train these exercises to your dog. We also provide an easy way to send your instructors videos of any size or length for critiques, brags, or problems experienced during training. This is how we create that two-way dialogue to help you improve your training techniques. Our group classes are a bit different as we spend quite a bit of time talking about any simple behavioral needs of dogs in class. If you can do email, you can train online with us!

Virtual Puppy Training Classes: Click here to see all our puppy classes.

All Family Dog Classes:  Click here to see all available Family dog Classes, in person and virtural classes available.

Reactive Rover Online Class: Prerequisite - Reactive Rover Lecture Webinar and complete the quiz. Reactive Rover Online Class is for any dog that barks, lunges, or reacts to people, dogs, moving objects, or any other stimuli. This is an intensive 8 week long class that will teach you about your dog’s reactivity and the methods we use to resolve the behavior. This is a very content rich class, with homework that includes training cues and relaxation protocols, reading, and watching videos. We expect each student to attend class each week and follow through with homework. Class also includes a weekly 1 hour Zoom meeting to review and discuss observations and training. Start the journey that will help you and your dog feel more confident about your walks! Sign up here.

Reactive Rover Lecture Webinar:  Does your dog lunge, bark, and act up on leash when he or she sees other dogs? This 75 minute lecture will help you gain an understanding of what reactivity is, why it happens, and strategies we use to help train your dog for better behavior.

The link for the webinar will be sent after signup is complete.  If you want further training and intend to sign up for the Reactive Rover Online Class or private training for reactivity, you must watch the video first and complete the short quiz after watching the video. If you are merely interested in the subject, just enjoy the video! Sign up here.

Virtual Recall Workshop:  Does your dog come when called?  Can they recall with distractions? The recall is perhaps the most important thing we teach our dogs. If you’d like to improve your dog’s recall, join us for our virtual recall workshop.  We will show you how to make “come!” irresistible for your pup … and have fun too! This class includes (2) 1 hour virtual meetings, one week apart. Sign up here.

Loose Leash Workshop: Does your dog pull on his leash? Does he zig and zag in front of you? Would you like to experience a more civilized walk? Learn how to teach your dog to walk politely next to you and gain skills to make your walks enjoyable and fun for all. Class includes three 1 hour virtual Zoom meetings, videos demonstrating the steps, an explicit training plan, and easy video sharing and email/phone support from the instructors during the class, all from the comforts of your home! Sign up here.

Private Training: For Private training, please call us at 831-264-5422 or email Wendi wnewman@spcamc.org or Bonnie blogue@spcamc.org. We are offering virtual consultations to help you work with your dog's behavioral needs.

We are here to support you with any type of behavioral concern. If you need assistance with your dog’s behavior, please call us and we will be happy to help!

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