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Doggy Day Out & Pawjama Parties

SPCA Monterey County is excited to introduce our new Doggy Day Out program, a unique and rewarding opportunity for dog lovers in our community to make a positive impact on the lives of shelter dogs. Doggy Day Out volunteers take shelter dogs on field trips for the day (minimum 2 hours or more), providing them with fun playtime out of the shelter and helping them thrive while they await their forever homes.

Participants help improve the mental and emotional well-being of shelter dogs while also helping us better understand each dog's unique personality and behavior outside of our shelter doors, helping us better match pets to future adopters. You may even bump into your dog's future adopter while out on your adventure!

Doggy Day Out adventures can include a wide range of activities, from hiking and long walks by the ocean, to relaxing picnics in a park, or even lunch at pet-friendly restaurants. Participants can sign up in advance or enjoy one of our limited walk-in opportunities. 

We also offer Pawjama Parties, which are sleepovers for shelter pets! During Pawjama Parties, participants can take home a shelter dog for a one to two night sleepover, helping them catch up on their sleep and snuggle time. We ask that Pawjama Party participants have no other pets in their homes. 

How to Help:

Please Note: 

  • This program is intended for medium to large dogs who have been awaiting homes for two weeks or more. 
  • Participants must keep dogs on-leash at all times and agree not to have them meet their own dogs or other community dogs
  • The SPCA will provide training, emergency contacts, and more
  • Thank you for helping shelter dogs!


  • Abigail Dominguez
    Abigail Dominguez

    Abigail Dominguez, Lead Foster and Transfer Coordinator

    Abby grew up in Gustine, California. Growing up, her older sister and her would keep any animal they could convince their parents of including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish, lizards, a turtle and a frog. One of the most memorable was a border collie named Mollie that Abby’s dad gifted her and her sister when Abby was 5 years old. Abby had Mollie until Abby was 20.

    Before coming to the SPCA in 2016, Abby worked with dogs at a dog daycare and boarding facility where she learned a lot about canine behavior and large-scale care. She also volunteered as a Sea Otter care giver at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She began her career at the SPCA as an Animal Care Technician and eventually became the Lead Foster and Transfer Coordinator.

    Abby has a passion for working with vulnerable, underage kittens and puppies and loves the work she’s doing in the Foster Program at the SPCA. She also loves that she gets to work with her husband Ben Shaw, Shelter Manager. They currently have 3 indoor cats named Alfred, Nora and Wallace, a turtle named Sheldon and a puppy named McCoy. Their puppy and cats all came from the SPCA!

  • Destinee Lopez
    Destinee Lopez

    Destinee Lopez is the Foster Coordinator and Shelter Health Evaluator at SPCA Monterey County. Destinee grew up locally and shared her family home with her parents and six brothers! Growing up she had an SPCA adoptee Buster the Boxer who she had for 13 amazing years. Destinee joined the SPCA in June of 2019; she started as the adoption and Intake specialist, spent some time working as Animal care, Veterinary Assistant, Client Care receptionist and now does Foster and Shelter Medicine full time! Destinee's dream has always been to work closely with animals and learn about their health and behavior. She is very grateful to work for an organization that not only advocates for the animals but also does so much good for the community. Destinee's favorite part about working at the SPCA is spending time with the animals who need a little extra care and love. She finds joy in lifting their spirits and seeing them blossom before heading to their forever home.

    Destinee spends her off time with her wonderful husband Alex and their 6 year old Siberian Husky Dakota who is full of personality and spunk! Destinee loves going on long walks with her family, taking frequent trips to Lake Tahoe, going camping and exploring nature as often as possible!