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Prepare for a Disaster


The SPCA is here for you during disasters. We are available to rescue, shelter, and evacuate pets from the Dolan Fire. We also rescued, sheltered, and evacuated hundreds of pets from the River Fire and Carmel Fire.

  • If you are given orders to evacuate, please take your animals with you.
  • If you need assistance with evacuations or sheltering, please call us at 831-373-2631 during the day or 831-264-5455 at night. If you are self-evacuating with animals, please check with us first so we can help direct you to safe sheltering.
  • If you are evacuating and can keep your pets with you, we can help with pet food and supplies. Please also visit our list of pet-friendly hotels and motels
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How You Can Help

  • Please donate to help. Your compassionate gifts make all our rescues possible. Thank you!
  • Prepare for a disaster using the information below
  • Share this information with friends and family

During the Carmel Fire and River Fire response, we rescued, sheltered, and evacuated over 1,100 animals, including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, tortoises, rabbits, parrots, parakeets, goats, pigs, tortoises, a pig, a chinchilla, and a bearded dragon evacuated from the fire. We also evacuated numerous large animals including horses, alpaca, emus, sheep, and more from evacuation areas and helping residents find safe shelter for hundreds of horses and barn pets. Our hearts are with everyone affected by the fires. 


SPCA Monterey County was the very first animal welfare agency in the United States to partner with the American Red Cross and shelter pets adjacent to human evacuation shelters during disasters. We continue that commitment today with concrete partnerships with our local Red Cross and a seat at the Office of Emergency Services. SPCA Monterey County, in agreement with Monterey County Office of Emergency Services, acts as the lead animal rescue agency during a disaster.  

Contact us at 831-373-2631 if you have questions or need assistance with emergency pet or livestock evacuations during disasters.

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Is your family ready for when disaster strikes? Many families create emergency evacuation plans and disaster kits for their human members, but their furry, feathered, or scaly friends are often forgotten until its too late. Preparation is important, and could likely save your pets life in a real emergency situation.

Here are some tips on how to create a kit that is best for your pet:

What kind of pet do you have?

Disaster Preparedness Kit Checklist


Have a clear evacuation plan for both your family and your pets. Remember, practice makes perfect, so run through evacuation “drills” often. Don’t forget to train your pets to load into their evacuation carriers. This will ensure that any real evacuation will go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Did you know know you can even train your dog to “duck and cover” in an earthquake? Learn how in this video:


The Monterey County Office of Emergency Services (OES) recommends that people should be prepared for disasters by taking the necessary steps to care for themselves for a minimum of 72 hours (but preferably at least seven days) after a disaster occurs. This includes planning for no electricity or phone communications, as well as the possibility that services such as police, fire and ambulance will be extremely limited. This recommendation should also extend to all pets and livestock.

If you are given an order to evacuate, please take your pets and livestock with you. Any situation that is dangerous for you is also dangerous for your animals.

Read our recommendations, based on the many disaster rescues we have performed


Planning ahead for disasters can save lives and make a very stressful situation less severe. Please call the SPCA at 831-373-2631 if you would like to schedule a disaster preparedness presentation please contact us.


Contact us at 831-373-2631 if you have questions or need assistance with emergency pet or livestock evacuations during disasters.