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Alternatives to Surrendering


We know surrendering a pet is an extremely difficult decision. Many of the issues owners face with their pet can be resolved and we can help. While we understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to keep a pet, please consider all your options before making the final, heartbreaking decision to give up your pet.

Here are possible solutions to some of the most common reasons people surrender their pets:

If you don’t find information here on how to keep your pet, please contact us at info@spcamc.org or 831-373-2631 and we’ll help you consider your options.

 Please note: If you live outside of Monterey County and need to surrender your pet, we strongly encourage you to find a solution in your own community. Our responsibility is to serve Monterey County and we are unable to take in pets from out of our County at this time. 


  • Carefully re-home your pet to a new home yourself. This transition will be much easier for your pet and will allow you to know first-hand that he or she is going to a good new home.
  • Contact family and friends to see if they can help for short or long term.
  • You can use a services like Adopt-a-Pet's Rehome program, and the rehoming of your pet will help rescued shelter pets. 
  • A local rescue or breed rescue group may be able to help. Please note: in light of recent neglect and cruelty allegations about and convictions of some rescue groups, the SPCA strongly advises you research any rescue before giving up your pet to them.