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Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Help staff rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife such as robins, doves, owls, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons; as well, work with a variety of exotics including various birds and reptiles. Tasks include preparing meals, laundry, cleaning enclosures, general indoor and outdoor facility maintenance, feeding wildlife, assisting staff with medical treatments and record-keeping.  During “baby bird season”, (March-September), large numbers of volunteers are needed to assist with the feeding and care of baby birds and other wildlife.  Assist with releasing wildlife back to their natural habitats.

Time Commitment: Minimum 6 months (4hrs once a week)

Age Requirement: 18+ 

Please note: Due to coronavirus safety concerns, the SPCA is not currently accepting new volunteer applications. Please check back for more information!