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SPCA: Monterey Cat Week?

It's Monterey Cat Week! Cat Week. Cat...why does it keep autocorrecting to cat? Oh well, forget the cars, let's make it Monterey Cat Week instead!

And we think it's the perfect week to adopt the next love of your life. 

This week you can meet adorable adoptable kittens like Bugatti, Porche, Enzo, Bentley, and Shelby. Or take home a gorgeous adult cat like our amazing Purrari! Right now, we are waiving the adoption fee for all adult cats one year and older. Studies show that the amount you pay for a pet has no bearing on how that pet will be treated, and by waiving the fee we're helping shine a spotlight on our incredible adult kitties, who are often overshadowed by playful kittens.

Upset about Car Week traffic? Petting a kitten lowers blood pressure!

Wish you could afford a Bugatti? You totally can now!

Want to be the highest bidder at an auction? We can't help with that, but you can make a donation when you adopt and feel really, really super good about helping animals!