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How Kids Can Help Animals

Pet Activities for Kids

To see all of the SPCA's educational videos, please click here.

Animal Advocates in the Community

Sawyer and his family are currently fostering mama Strawberry and baby Rasberry. Sawyer did the small pet enrichment activity (you can see the activity above). Look at those piggies go!

Paws to Recycle

Help animals and the environment by collecting cans and plastic bottles from school or home!  Every donated aluminum can helps provide emergency surgery for pets in need. 

Change for Change

Your spare change can make a world of difference for pets and wildlife in need. Learn more about Change for Change.

Fundraisers & Drives

You can start a fundraiser in your neighborhood or school! You can also start a supply drive by collecting gently used blankets, towels, toys, dry, and wet food for dogs or cats. Email us to get started!

DIY Projects

Whether its toys, puzzles, or games, our shelter pets would love to play with your projects! Email us for suggestions and quantities.


Whether you love dogs, cats, small pets, the barn, or wildlife, there is always room for new volunteers! If you are 12 years or older and can volunteer with an adult, find out where you can dedicate your time helping animals in need.