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Suspected Rabies in Wildlife


If the wild animal is living and has had exposure to pets or humans (i.e. bitten or exchanged bodily fluids), please contact Monterey County Animal Services (MCAS) 831-769-8850.  MCAS, as the County department responsible for rabies control, will respond, euthanize the wild animal if it is located, then remove the carcass for rabies testing.

If the wild animal is living and there has been no exposure to pets or humans, please call the SPCA’s Wildlife Department.  Many animals people call about happen to be out in the daytime but are exhibiting normal behaviors.  We counsel the caller on what is normal vs. abnormal behavior.  If behaviors described to us seem suspicious (the animal is walking in circles, unable to stand or walk, moving slowly and seems unsteady, or does not respond to the presence of humans) we will send a technician to your home to assess the situation.  This usually results in our technician humanely euthanizing the wild animal and removing the carcass.

If the wild animal is dead and you are concerned about rabies and possible exposure to your pets, please contact Monterey County Animal Services (MCAS) which is responsible for rabies control.  The phone number for MCAS is 831-769-8850.

Please note that SPCA Monterey County and Monterey County Animal Services are not affiliated with each other.  The SPCA is a private organization which happens to have a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, funded entirely by donations. Monterey County Animal Services is a Government Agency.