The SPCA believes in positive reinforcement to help strengthen the bond between people and pets. Our dog and puppy training is affordable, high-quality, and fun for the whole family. Come learn with us and see what your dog can do! Join the SPCA Behavior Training conversation on Facebookfind us on Yelp, or call us at 831-264-5422.

Puppy Classes
Puppy Preschool:  Start your puppy off on the right paw (for puppies under 5 months)
Puppy Kindergarten:  Older puppies build on skills and socialization (puppies 5-9 months)
NEW! Puppy training in Carmel
Puppy Social in Pacific Grove:  Drop in for puppy play and fun learning

Dog Classes
Family Dog:  Learn vital skills in a fun, non-judgmental environment
Family Dog in Pacific Grove
NEW! Family Dog in Carmel
Ultimate Family Dog:  Build on  skills and prepare for Canine Good Citizen certification

Specialty Classes
Out and About in the Real World:  For dogs that need help in the “real world”
Agility for Fun:  Fun, non-competitive playing and bonding with your dog
Ultimate Agility for Fun:  Even more fun and bonding with your dog
Fun Sniff and Search:  Fun, interactive, and confidence-building
Extremely Fun Sniff and Search:  More challenging, more fun, and more rewarding
Shy Dog:  Help your timid, shy, or nervous dog succeed and gain confidence
Reactive Rover:  Understand and correct problems that upset your dog while on leash
Reactive Rover 2: Build on the foundation you started in Reactive Rover
Canine Carnival School: Amaze friends with your dog’s fun tricks and skills – carnival style
NEW! Dining With Your Dog: Enjoy fun, local, pet-friendly restaurants while teaching your dog to be a good doggie diner

One Day Workshops
Simple Leash Walking Workshop:  Solve common leash problems in two hours
Reliable Recall Workshop:  How to make “come here!” irresistible to your dog in one hour

Dog Socials
Playing and socializing for friendly dogs in a safe environment
Sunday Dog Social for Larger Dogs (30 lbs and over): A safe and fun alternative to dog parks
Sunday Dog Social for Smaller Dogs (under 30 lbs): A safe and fun alternative to dog parks

Private Classes
Please email us or call 831-264-5422 to schedule or learn more about private training.
Private training options include training for blind or deaf dogs, aggression towards people or pets, resource guarding, one-on-one training in your home or at the SPCA, and all other training that will help with your individual circumstances. The options are limitless – we are here to help!


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Join the SPCA Behavior Training conversation on Facebook or find us on Yelp.

Free Behavior Helpline

Still need help? No problem! Call our free behavior helpline.

Private Behavior Training

The SPCA offers low-cost private training for you either at the shelter or in the convenience of your own home.

Free Behavior Handouts

Click here to view or print out behavior tip sheets on everything from separation anxiety to litter box training!