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Keep Kittens Safe

Every year, the SPCA and local shelters and rescues receive thousands of underage kittens. Many of those are unintentionally “kit-napped” from mothers who are diligently caring for them. At the youngest ages, kittens are always safer when left with their mother to care for them. 

How to Help Kittens:

  • If you find underage kittens, first check to see if they are injured. If they are, please take them to a local veterinary clinic immediately. 
  • If the kittens are healthy, assess their age using the infographic below.
  • If they are under 4 weeks of age, mom is best for them! Locate their nest and leave them for mom to find. Please stay far away, as mom will likely not return if she feels threatened. 
  • If they are over 4 weeks of age, can you care for them? The SPCA can give you free tips and supplies to foster them until they are old enough for adoption.