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Telling Tails: Helping Animals Thanks to You

Mr. Rogers famously said "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping'." We see those helpers everywhere now: in our hospitals, delivering groceries, sewing protective gear for first responders, and right here at the SPCA. 

Thanks to you, the SPCA continues to help pets and people who need us. We are saving animals from abuse, rescuing wildlife, adopting pets to new homes, and keeping pets in loving homes with our behavior training and free Pet Food Bank. This is all made possible by you, our donors, who are truly making a difference during this unusual and difficult time. Here are more ways you can be a helper to the pets, people, and wildlife who rely on your love, now more than ever. 

Pet Food Bank

Keep pets in their loving homes by donating to our Pet Food Bank. Our Pet Food Bank offers free pet food and supplies to those who cannot afford them right now.  

You can have your favorite pet retailer ship your donation to 1002 Monterey-Salinas Highway, Salinas CA 93908 or give using our Amazon Wish List


Open your heart to a rescued pet! You can make a huge difference for pets who need you. Pet snuggles are a wonderful stress-reducer, and you'll help make room for animals who desperately need our care. To adopt, please meet pets online and request an adoption appointment


This may be hard to think about, but if you haven't already, today is the day to create a plan for your pet in case you get sick. Gather at least two weeks of your pet's food, medications, and supplies and put them in one place. Find two different people who agree to help you if needed. Everything you do now will give you peace of mind that your pets are safe should you fall ill. 

Learn more preparedness tips on our special COVID-19 information page

Keep Kittens and Baby Birds Safe

Spring is here, which means babies abound - especially kittens and birds! You can keep them safe by sharing this information about what to do if you find a young baby. Both are healthier if they are reunited with their mothers. Baby birds and kittens should be returned to their nests so their mamas can care for them. 

Learn More About Kittens

Learn More about Baby Birds

Thank you!

We thank you for your love and support during this time...and always.