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Feral Cat Traps

Thank you for helping feral cats in our community. The SPCA offers feral cat trap rentals to help you catch feral cats for spay/neuter and veterinary care. These traps can also be used to help catch a scared lost cat. 

Cat Trap Rental Fees:

  • $5/day
  • $60 deposit for a 12 day rental, refundable when the trap is returned

Helpful Tips:

  • Check the local ordinances to be sure it is legal to trap cats in your area. 
  • Do not use the trap to catch wildlife. It is illegal to trap and relocate wild animals. Instead, contact our Wildlife Rescue Center for help. If you accidentally catch a wild animal, please release them quickly at the same location where you trapped them.
  • Bait the trap with wet cat food or tuna. However, remove the food from the can and place on another surface. The edges of the cans can injure the cat. 
  • Monitor the trap frequently (at least once every hour).
  • Once the cat is trapped, bring the trap inside, to the spay/neuter clinic, or to another safe location away from the elements and cover the trap with a blanket, towel, etc. to help alleviate the cat's stress.
  • Do not leave a trapped cat in direct sunlight, rain, or extreme weather (under 60 degrees or over 80 degrees).
  • Do not transport cats in open beds of trucks.
  • If the cat you trapped has a tipped ear, and is uninjured, you can release him or her on site as they are already spayed or neutered.
  • Be prepared to transport the trapped cat immediately to the spay/neuter clinic or the nearest appropriate animal shelter. 
  • Post prominent notices in and around the neighborhood (we also suggest using social media like Facebook and Next Door) with a detailed description and location of the animal you trapped, and your contact information. If the cat has a home, this gives the neighbors a chance to claim him.
  • Please note: causing harm to or releasing a trapped cat to any location other than where it was trapped is a crime.

If you find kittens, please leave them where they are; if the mother is not with her litter, she is likely close by. Mothers are the best at raising their babies - watch from afar and bring them to a shelter or rescue when they are between 6-8 weeks of age. Learn how to tell how old a kitten is and why kittens are safer with their mothers