As a general rule, if you find a wild animal in distress, do not move or disturb it. Call The SPCA Wildlife Center for help. SPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation Technicians are available to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Found a baby bird? Click here for step by step directions to determine if it needs rescue!

Never attempt to treat or keep a wild animal yourself. Not only is it illegal, but injured and orphaned animals have specialized needs that only trained and experienced technicians can provide. Just one day of the wrong diet can permanently injure or kill a wild animal.

To learn more about what you should doif you find a wild animal, please click here or contact us.

Do you want to take a hands-on role in helping wildlife? Click here to learn about our volunteer opportunities!

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Wildlife Questions during Regular Hours

Wildlife Emergencies during Regular Hours

Wildlife Emergencies After Hours (SPCA Wildlife Staff on-call 24 hours a day)

Mountain Lions: (California Department of Fish & Wildlife) 

Injured or Orphaned Marine Mammals (Marine Mammal Center)

Live or Deceased Sea Otters (Monterey Bay Aquarium)