Camp Fire Response & Rescue

When the horrific Camp Fire broke out in Butte County, your SPCA immediately responded with an offer to help. After rescuing and sheltering thousands of animals during multiple fires, floods, and other disasters in our own community, we knew the needs would be great and the magnitude of the disaster would be unfathomable.

In early November, a team from the SPCA traveled to Butte County to take in cats and dogs who were in shelters before the fire began in order to give their local shelters room for more fire evacuees.

The SPCA took in 21 cats and kittens (including eight feral cats), five dogs, and one puppy.  Twenty five of the pets were in the shelter before the fires began, and two were surrendered by their owners who could no longer keep them. Pets who were lost during the fire are still in Butte County to give their owners the chance to be reunited.

These 27 pets will be placed up for adoption after we provide veterinary treatment, vaccinations, and spay or neuter surgeries. You can help by adopting one of the many wonderful animals currently in our shelter looking for homes to help make room for more animals in need. 

We also sent a skilled team the week after Thanksgiving to assist with animal rescues and sheltering. The team of five worked from dawn until late into the night, managing one of the multiple animal evacuation shelters, caring for lost and stray pets, providing food and water to pets safe in evacuated areas, taking in animals badly burned by the fire, and more. We remain on call to return, as we know this disaster and the help needed are far from over.

Out of respect and privacy for those who have lost so much, we are limiting the photos we share, but please know that your SPCA team was hard at work at the heart of this disaster.

We can’t thank you enough for making all of this possible.

How You Can Help:

Prepare for a Disaster. Please take a moment to create a disaster plan and kits for your family, including your pets. A fire or other disaster could happen here at any time.

Adopt. Help us make room for more animals in need by adopting today.

Donate to help. We depend on you to make all of this possible!